Organic champions Biona announce the arrival of six new products to their range

Biona, the number one organic food supplier to leading UK retailers, is pleased to announce the arrival of a brand-new range of products in the cooking ingredients and natural sweeteners categories, which will be available to retailers from March onwards.

Biona is bringing to market a new range of organic and convenient cooking pastes which are perfect for those home-cooks looking for quality organic ingredients. The new range includes 130g jars of garlic paste, ginger paste and a combined garlic and ginger paste, all with an RRP of £3.19. With demand for pre-prepared cooking pastes on the increase, this convenient new range is perfect for time-poor consumers as it eradicates the need to peel and chop by providing healthy and sustainable ingredients which are ready for immediate use.

Biona are also introducing three high quality natural maple syrups, which are rich in flavour and 100% organic. The new range consists of a 330ml bottle of Amber syrup and a 330ml bottle of Dark syrup, both with an RRP of £6.79, as well as a 1L bottle of the Amber, with an RRP at £23.29. Made from Canadian maple, harvested in the renowned Bas-St-Laurent region of Quebec, these new products will appeal to the growing number of consumers who are looking for natural syrups and sweeteners. Finally, unlike many competitors on the market, this new range of syrups is fully vegan, as they are produced without the use of animal fats.

Noel McDonald, Founder and Director of Biona’s parent company Windmill Organic, said; “Biona has been at the forefront of the organic food and drink category for over 40 years, and we’re delighted to have played a pivotal role in the journey that British consumers are on to better understand the benefits to both people and planet of eating organically. Our brand ethos is built on an unwavering commitment to 100% organic, ethically and sustainably sourced food and we’re confident these delicious new ranges will be well received by retailers and consumers alike.”