What, no food bill? The SA responds to Queen’s Speech

Following the Queen’s Speech in Parliament today, the Soil Association has called the lack of mention of a Food Bill ‘deeply disappointing’.

Cosmoprof returns, flying the flag for waterless beauty

Visitors from more than 140 countries travelled to Italy, in late April for the return of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna – its 53rd edition.

‘Long awaited’ EU-wide adoption of max THC limits in hemp

The EC is to amend regulation to reflect new EU-wide maximum levels of Delta-9-THC in hemp seed and hemp oil.

Swedish organic cosmetics market set to reach SEK 3 billion

A natural and organic beauty market report by NOC Sweden shows a rise in sales of 19.5%, taking the market value to SEK 485 million.

93% of Germans say supplements are ‘essential to human life’

Research conducted by Germany's BfR confirms a third of Germans take supplements at least once a week to boost their vitamin levels.

Industry ‘out in force’ for NOPEX return

The return of NOPEX was met with strong attendance as buyers ‘came out in force’ to celebrate after ‘three years in hibernation'.

Unilever pilots blockchain tech for deforestation-free palm oil

Unilever is piloting new blockchain technology to help it increase traceability and transparency within its palm oil use.

‘Breakthrough’ discovery: microplastics detected in human blood

A pioneering new study confirms for the first time the detection of microplastic pollution in human blood.

Invasion of Ukraine highlights why sustainable agriculture is more resilient

Organic farmer Rob Appleby reflects on the impact of the Ukraine crisis on food, explaining why sustainable solutions will fare better.

Ukraine crisis: the industry responds

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, NPN rounds up collective action taken by UK businesses to support those affected by the crisis.

Vitamin D recommendation for Swiss over-65s

New guidance has been issued by the Swiss Government for those over 65 to take a daily dose of vitamin D at 800iu.

Argentinian billboard warns of ‘metaphorical meat comet’

A parody of Don’t Look Up is the basis of a billboard campaign in Argentina, warning people of a ‘killer meat comet’ heading for earth.

2020: a year of unprecedented global growth for organic

Organic retail sales grew by €14 billion in 2020, to exceed €120 billion, according to FiBL and IFOAM – Organics International.

Veganuary ‘takes world by storm’

The Veganuary campaign has announced its biggest year in 2022 with over 629,000 sign-ups spanning almost every country in the world.

‘Much-needed’ post-Brexit beauty trade hub launches

A new hub has been set up by the British Beauty Council to help beauty brands ‘navigate their way through the jargon’ of post-Brexit trade.

Ethiopia’s ‘false banana’: the answer to future food scarcity?

A relative of the banana plant, widely grown in Ethiopia, could hold the answer to future climate change-induced hunger.

Natural Products Meets returns with incentive for retailers

Friday 28 January will see the return of Natural Products Meets as it hosts a webinar dedicated to retailing beyond the pandemic.

‘Nice to meat you, Singapore’

The Vegetarian Butcher has become available for retail in Singapore following successful entry into the country’s foodservice market.

Spaniards urged to reduce meat consumption

Spanish consumers are once again being urged to eat less meat by Alberto Garzón, Minister for Consumer Affairs.

Spanish cities introduce menstrual leave for employees

Several local administrations in Spain have begun offering menstrual leave to employees who experience pain or discomfort during their period.