Almost one in ten Tel Avivians identify as vegan or vegetarian

A new survey commissioned by Tel Aviv Global & Tourism reveals 4% of Tel Aviv residents identify as vegan and 4.5% as vegetarian.

UK standards could be ‘undermined’ by misuse of antibiotics in imported...

A new report byThe Alliance to Save our Antibiotics warns of the threat to public health posed by the misuse of antibiotics in some countries.

Report highlights export opportunity for natural and organic Caribbean products

A report by Caribbean Export has identified natural and organic products from the region as a potential export opportunity into Europe.

UK to help India to lead the way for Asia with...

UKRI and WRAP are collaborating to develop a Plastics Pact in India, aimed at enhancing ‘knowledge exchange’ between the UK and India.

Babies swallow millions of microplastics, says Swedish water company

Swedish water company Bluewater says a study by Trinity College reveals babies swallow ‘millions of microplastics' every day.

EU rejects dairy descriptions but allows meaty terms for plant-based products

MEPs have voted to ban dairy-related terms being used for plant-based alternatives but has given the go-ahead for meat-related descriptions.