Living life on the veg

Plates of lifeless veg and soggy ‘fishless fingers’ are a thing of the past. Rosie Greenaway orders the vegan catch of the day, explores today’s sophisticated veggie market, and discovers just how much the nation’s love of animal products is costing the planet 

With vegan innovations hitting news desks every day, it feels like the sector is getting more column inches than ever. In recent months there have been launches of organic sunflower mince from Sunflower Family; vegan marshmallows from Mallow Puffs; and vegan shoes with sugarcane soles from Seven Feet Apart. Even the notoriously meat-centric Subway now offers a vegan patty – wise tactics, considering Moving Mountains is hot on Subway’s heels with its own ‘foot-long’ plant-based hot dog. 

Perhaps the most attention-grabbing launch was the controversial Hybrid Burger from craft beer company BrewDog, comprised of 50% Beyond Meat and 50% sustainably reared beef sandwiched between matcha buns – a combination which has angered some in the vegan community. 

While ‘entirely dairy-free and surrounded by 100% vegan ingredients’, the patties do of course contain meat. They are positioned by the brand as a ‘best-of-both-worlds’ take on flexitarianism; a ‘stepping stone to a better place’. But to some, the fusion is baffling and the sentiment is lost, with many consumers scratching their heads on social media and criticizing the beer brand for creating a burger which vegans can’t eat – and which most meat eaters wouldn’t want to. 

With 86% of plant-based meals being consumed by non-vegans [Kantar], it’s easy to see where BrewDog’s commercial train of thought was heading. “We wanted to do something for flexitarians – people looking to cut down but not totally stop eating meat,” said a BrewDog spokesperson responding to the backlash. While such efforts to reduce public meat consumption may be valiant (or, in one cynical Twitter user’s view, simply a good ‘marketing ploy’), animal rights group Viva! argues it’s the vegan way or the highway if we’re to halt the climate crisis. 

If the world went vegan … 
At a Viva! panel discussion entitled Vegan Now: The Race Against Time for our Planet – held during September’s Labour Party Conference – Joseph Poore, environmental researcher at the University of Oxford, shared the results of a large 2018 study he co-authored, and made the case for venturing into veganism. 

Poore told delegates he found one particular result ‘staggering’: that meat and dairy are ‘some of the most environmentally damaging foods by quite a large margin’. “Animal products use 80% of the world’s farmland and create 60% of food’s different emissions, despite providing just 30% of our protein and about 20% of our calories,” he said, highlighting ‘a huge imbalance’. 

Just 100g of protein from beef, he advised, uses ‘2,000% more land and creates 3,500% more emissions than the same amount of protein from beans, peas, nuts and tofu’. These facts led Poore to examine what would happen if the UK went vegan. “Land use would fall by 70%, or 26 million hectares – an area around the size of the UK itself. Imagine the nature that could be restored if we didn’t eat meat and dairy. An alternative use of this land could be to make the UK more self-sufficient in food.” 

The UK’s greenhouse gas emissions would ‘fall by a quarter’ too, and such a significant reduction would be accompanied by an improvement in water quality. “This is a serious benefit because today many of the UK’s rivers and seas suffer from nutrient pollution, which increases microbial activity, which uses up oxygen and suffocates complex life, like fish.”

Going vegan, Poore explained, opens up an opportunity for policy to ‘eliminate dangerous synthetic pesticide use without compromising food supply’. 

“Put simply,” he concluded, “vegan diets free up land, creating opportunities for re-wilding, food self-sufficiency and less pesticide-intensive farming. Vegan diets drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions. Going vegan is probably the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact, not just from greenhouse gas emissions but probably almost every other important environmental issue.”

Catch of the day
For those who can’t quite pry themselves away from the occasional culinary flirtation with meat and dairy, flexitarianism is the answer, according to Mike Easterbrook, European representative for LomaLinda. “Most people are flexitarian without even knowing. LomaLinda products are perfect for that – you can put them in a salad, a sandwich, a pasta bake.”

Founded by Doug Hines, LomaLinda this year brought to market Tuno, positioned as an ambient vegan alternative to canned tuna. “Doug and myself are both seasoned canned fish industry people and we could see that the supply was going to run short and we were overfishing. We had to find alternatives,” Easterbrook explains. 

“We’re flexitarians. And that’s my message: people need to adjust their protein wheel. I’ve been in the fish industry for years; I’m not going to start criticizing fish or meat in terms of its protein use. I’m not saying be a vegan overnight. What I will say is people need to alter their diet. Reduce your animal and fish proteins. Since I’ve started, my protein wheel has changed quite dramatically. I’m having vegan and vegetarian food two to three times a week. It’s healthier, more environmentally and sustainably responsible. If everyone were to do the same we would all have a dramatic impact on the carbon footprint.” 

Housed in cans and pouches, Tuno is made from a ‘texturized vegetable protein’, with the soya originating from Canada and the US. Attracting plenty of media coverage, Tuno is stocked in 300 Morrisons and 200 Holland & Barrett stores. 

It hasn’t yet reached the shelves of Apothecary 27, but owner Joe Jackson says he’s open to the idea and there’s always space on his shelves for plant-based innovation. 

Jackson doesn’t position his store as a plant-based pantry by any means – in fact, in the past he has offered nutrient-dense animal products like bone broth – but his stock does naturally tend to be 99% vegan. 

As both a retailer and nutritional therapist, Jackson believes in a balanced approach to protein; where soya is concerned, it’s a case of ‘anything in moderation’.
“I don’t think we should be eating meat every day, just as I don’t think it’s necessary to eat soya every day. It’s a great source of protein. It’s just when vegetarians and vegans overdo the soya … it can become problematic. A lot of people are scared of it – you hear all these things about people having too much soya and it affecting their oestrogen levels, but I do think that this is when you take it to the extreme.”

Plenty of fish (in the sea)
So what does the world need now? According to Jessica Chan, founder of vegan sushi brand ima, it’s better options for vegans. While the soya bean solves many meat-free dilemmas, there’s another ingredient making waves on the faux fish market: the konjac. This Asian plant’s uses extend far beyond the exfoliating sponges which have become a bathroom staple; in the case of ima’s vegan sushi, it’s mimicking salmon – and rather convincingly too. 

The brand says this is the first plant-based, sustainable answer to salmon sushi, presented in plastic-free packaging. The brand itself was born in 2017 as a food stall, with the sushi roll joining its product line-up in 2018. Chan explains how it all began: “Ima means ‘now’ [in Japanese]. The reasoning behind the name is that when sushi was first created, nobody was speaking about sustainability issues. But now it’s so important. So essentially, what we’re saying is our sushi is suitable for our present climate. Now is the time to fight against these issues and be part of the change to create a better world.

“[We] want to show people that vegan sushi is not just boring cucumber rolls. Our range includes Vegan Salmon, Tuna, Crab and Duck. I’d also describe it as truly ocean-friendly and sustainable. There’s no fish whatsoever in our whole range, meaning there really is plenty of fish in the sea – no overfishing.”

Chan, who went vegan two years ago, says ima became the solution to her own ‘personal dilemma’ of ‘staying vegan’ but missing the taste and texture of salmon. As a sushi lover, she felt confident she could create better recipes than the standard carrot and avocado rolls she was faced with.

Konjac, she explains, became the magic ingredient after her father discovered the root vegetable on a trip to Hong Kong. “Our process is actually a secret family recipe, but we add in a few other magic ingredients to make the texture and look of the salmon identical.” 

The konjac nigiri and maki rolls are certainly worthy of all the Instagram buzz; visually, it’s difficult to tell them apart from conventional sashimi. And here is how ima has perhaps conjured up a recipe for success, by turning the heads of the social media generation – the future change-makers, the protesters and conscious consumers who are driving the Veganuary campaign’s figures through the roof each year.


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