Rosie Greenaway takes notes from two digestive health experts about how listening to your body, learning its language and reading the signs is key for optimum gut health

Whether or not languages were your forte at school, it pays off in later life if you learn to listen to and understand your gut – and we’re not talking about intuition. The health of the digestive system, as we’ll hear from two experts, can be improved by simply listening to your body, observing its changes and tuning in to what it’s telling you it needs. 

Let’s start with clinical nutritionist Suzie Sawyer, who gives us some context around the wider importance of a thriving microbiome. 

Microbiome matters
“If the digestive system is not working properly, nothing else will. This is especially important during these COVID times as so much of the immune system sits within the digestive system, so it’s absolutely critical right now,” she explains. 

“What is going on in the world is hugely stressful,” adds Sawyer – and therein lies the issue, because if gut health is ‘the core of our overall wellness’ and tense tummies lead to problems with digestion and absorption, then our whole system becomes impacted. 

“Stress is a massive factor in digestive problems. Not only does it cause nutrient deficiencies – particularly vitamin C, B6, magnesium – but also during the stress response, blood flow is diverted away from the vital organs, and that in itself will cause digestive problems. As a nutritionist, it’s the most common complaint people consult me for.” And with new Nature’s Way research showing that only 28% of people ‘attempt to manage their stress levels’, that leaves most people succumbing to its undesirable effects. 

Not only is the microbiome ‘absolutely vital’ for overall digestive wellness, accord-
ing to Sawyer, but it’s ‘very individual’ to each of us, and it starts the moment we’re born. “The gastrointestinal tract is sterile at birth. Interestingly, babies who are delivered vaginally have a very different gut flora to those that are delivered by a caesarean section. The baby picks up some of the mother’s gut microbiome as it travels through the birth canal,” she explains, adding that we then go on to produce our own unique microbiome. 

Missing out
If COVID wasn’t reason enough for cancelled social engagements, Nature’s Way’s research shows that 65% of people have had to take a rain check due to digestive problems. And it’s not something people always feel comfortable confessing to – cue a long list of elaborate excuses for bailing on plans with friends, and even in some cases, work. 

The findings show that of over 3,000 study participants, 61% suffer from digestive complaints and 65% ‘have had some disruption to their life’, reports Sawyer. 

“If the digestive system is not working properly, nothing else will. This is especially important
during these COVID times as so much of the immune system sits within the digestive system”

The numbers also point to a potential cause for two-thirds of those surveyed: lack of dietary fibre. “Only 33% ensure they have sufficient fibre in their diet. We recommended 30g of fibre a day … that takes some work if we’re not thinking about it.” 

It’s not just what you put into your body that counts, but what you do with your body too. Enter Dr Nitasha Buldeo, integrated medical practitioner, who is here to address lockdown’s impact on the gut. Buldeo’s experience of treating patients in a COVID world is that people fall into one of two camps during lockdown: active and inactive. “What I’ve seen is that it’s split in two. I’ve had lots of people come in saying ‘I feel so much healthier, I take a walk every lunchtime – the time that I would use sitting in traffic I’m now preparing meals’. But there’s the other half that says: ‘I’m not going out as much’.

“What happened is our good habits and our bad habits became more pronounced. Digestion will always be impacted if we’re sedentary. It’s so simple: if you are isolating and you don’t have a garden, just five minutes of jumping up and down can actually get our bowels going. We don’t need a lot of space to move, we just need to make an effort to move at least every 30 minutes.”

Complete cleanse
With COVID persisting, and a clear link between the digestive and immune systems, Buldeo decided October was the time to bring her 20 years’ experience of facilitating wellbeing retreats to the fore and begin running ‘gut reset’ programmes. “No matter how healthy our diets are, if digestion is not efficient, if our gut microbiome is unhealthy, then you’re really not going to get the full benefit of any other healthy lifestyle choice – even exercise is not as effective if your gut microbiome is out.” 

The weekend involved a three-day ‘complete gut cleanse’ based on the Ayurvedic cleansing process – usually 21 days. First comes preparation, including yoga to loosen the bowels and increase peristalsis; then the cleanse, which involves drinking saline to cleanse the gut ‘from mouth to anus’; and finally the reintroduction phase, when the consumption of healthy gut-promoting foods is gently reinstated. Buldeo says the process removes ‘everything in the gut’ – faecal matter, fats, pollutants and some bacteria. “The aim of the cleanse was to drink the water until you passed clear water.” While the retreat took place virtually, the preparation of said saline was, of course, conducted under strict guidance, to precise measurements. “It’s two ingredients: Himalayan salt and water, mixed in a very specific way. It’s easy to teach participants how to do it.”

Could everybody benefit from a cleanse like this and how often should it be repeated? This is where listening to your body comes into its own. Buldeo says it differs from person to person and that determining your Ayurvedic dosha helps understand how frequently the gut needs to reset. “For earthy kapha types, who would probably have found the cleanse the first time around a little more challenging, we recommend that they do it at least every quarter. If you’re pitta, you’re probably going to do it just once a year. After you’ve had this cleanse … you actually start to see when you need it again, you notice changes with your digestion.” 

While the subject may not be particularly palatable, Buldeo points to another way to ‘look and learn’ from your body, to understand where you are on your journey to optimal digestive health: check your stool. If you’re not chewing your food thoroughly, it will show. “One of the big problems with our current lifestyle is we do not take the time to break down our food by chewing enough to enable our bodies to digest. I run a healthcare practice and very often we request stool samples … so often the pathology report will come back with undigested particles in the stool. It’s almost 80-90% of the time, which means that we’re just not chewing enough to break down our food. And there’s no way that the stomach acids are going to dissolve particles small enough for us to actually absorb.”

Dodging dysbiosis
Digestive dysbiosis – or imbalance – can be averted in several ways, according to Sawyer. Avoiding high sugar intake is a good start, and ensuring we eat enough fibre is imperative. Then there are probiotics. It’s no secret how helpful they can be for troubled tummies, but what’s the difference bet-ween various strains? “Some strains have been found to help more with constipation, some help more with skin – there’s such diversity to it. What we tend to find [is] people will take different probiotics at different phases of their life, depending on what’s going on.” 

How you consume a probiotic may be led by your particular needs too; for those who tire of (or struggle with) capsules, Nature’s Way has developed gelatine-free Primadophilus Fortify Friendly Bacteria Soft Jells – a gummy probiotic containing the Bacillus coagulans strain, which is spore-forming. “They are very hardy, they’re heat-stable and they help to get those bacteria into the large intestine where they’re absolutely essential for doing that work. It’s a very unusual format, a very easy way of taking a probiotic,” says Sawyer. 

Should consumers be faithful to the same strain month after month, or should they mix up their probiotic plan as they would their gym routine, so the gut doesn’t get complacent? Buldeo again: “We know the gut microbiome is highly individualized. We each have an optimal gut microbiome, so when it comes to probiotics I suggest trying a few to start with, then finding the one that works for you … you will feel a difference because [digestion] has a huge impact on energy levels. It’s almost impossible to tell what’s going to be the perfect mix for you, so the only advice I can give is play around until you find that
perfect mix for you … and you understand the bacteria that your gut thrives on. Everything related to wellbeing is about listening to your body. It’s about paying attention to what’s working for you; if you see positive results, then use it.”



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Consume fermented foods such as yoghurt, kefir and sauerkraut which could help to balance the gut flora to support the gut and immune system.
Mindfully maintain a general feeling of wellness and contentment. Think positively and start a gratitude journal.
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