Jane Wolfe unearths an independent retailer’s view of adaptogens with Apothecary 27’s Joe Jackson and gleans some wisdom from the expert speakers at the mushroom-focused session Shroom Me Up! held at NOPEX

According to Allied Market Research, in 2021 the global adaptogens market size was valued at $10.3 billion and is projected to reach $20.3 billion by 2031, with ashwagandha dominating the sector. It’s no surprise that this is a rising category as adaptogens’ most cited benefits are related to stress, anxiety and fatigue – issues that have become more prevalent, or at least more freely discussed, post-pandemic.

“If you asked our customers a few years ago what an adaptogen was, they probably wouldn’t have a clue, but now they’re becoming more and more popular,” Joe Jackson, CEO of Apothecary 27 in Haslemere, tells NPN. “We’re getting lots of people researching them and we’re also educating our customers – with no claims on the label, it’s up to us to teach people what they can be used for. Now adaptogens have become some of our top selling supplements.

“We’ve noticed since COVID and the cost of living crisis we’ve had more people coming in with stress, anxiety, low mood, depression. I think mental health is something we’ve all learned to talk about and be a bit more open about since COVID because people have been more vulnerable,” he says, adding that it’s predominantly for these concerns, as well as energy and hormonal issues, that customers are seeking adaptogens. 

“Our top seller is always ashwagandha. We sell Viridian Ashwagandha, and they also do a great complex called Enhanced Rhodiola Complex which contains other adaptogens like ashwagandha and liquorice. We’re also enjoying working with a company called Living Nutrition, which does a range of fermented adaptogens – they do a nice one called True Adaptogens which has got the ashwagandha, holy basil and rhodiola.”

The magic of mushrooms
Although the UK still lags way behind countries such as Spain and Italy, where doctors prescribe medicinal mushrooms, this category of adaptogens is starting to take off and become embedded in consumer consciousness.

“It’s funny because we’ve been saying for a couple of years that medicinal mushrooms were going to take off and they never quite did, but we’re noticing this year they’ve gone through the roof,” Jackson notes.

One reason for this is that, according to Eric Puro, CEO of KÄÄPÄ Biotech, post-COVID acted as a catalyst for many to ‘wake up’ and realize they had an immune system that needs taking care of. “All mushrooms contain beta glucans, and these compounds are adaptogenic – they help your immune system stay in homeostasis, so if it’s underactive they’re going to boost it a little bit, if it’s overactive they’re going to calm it down. And this is a story that’s been told in the US market for about 35 years – they’ve done a great job, that’s where this trend started. We’re just now starting to talk about this here in the UK.

“We’re more closely related to mushrooms than we are to plants … our DNA is more similar, our immune systems are more similar, we’re breathing out CO2, we’re breathing in oxygen, similar to fungi, they get some of the same viruses we get. So, at the end of the day, as a source of medicine – whether we’re going to look to solve future medical problems or just to keep ourselves in tip top order – I think fungi provide a lot of solutions.” 

Mind matters
Stress is a common focus within the mushroom category, but cognitive function is substantially driving interest too. “Cordyceps is a good one – we find that if people are a bit burnt out with low energy, quite stressed, it’s good for supporting the adrenals and boosting energy levels,” says Jackson, “But it’s lion’s mane in particular that people are just raving about, especially for focus, concentration and ADHD kind of symptoms. When people have taken lion’s mane they’re coming back and saying, ‘Wow it really works, I feel focused, my memory’s better’ – it’s a great cognitive one and it’s selling really well.”

London Nootropics co-founder Zain Peer has also discovered that his customers with ADHD are experiencing a positive effect with this particular mushroom: “Specifically with lion’s mane, we have a whole host of customers that are in this community, and they recommend to each other, ‘You’ve got to try lion’s mane, it’s incredible for ADHD’.”

In fact, Google data indicates that searches for specific mushroom types has increased markedly in the past five years, and those for lion’s mane almost tripled to 90 data points. Puro believes the hike in popularity is due to the positive effects lion’s mane has on the brain. “It specifically contains a compound called hericenones and this is crossing the blood brain barrier and increasing NGF, or nerve growth factor, up to four to eight times. NGF is very important because it’s flushing out amyloid beta plaque build-up, which is what’s going to cause dementia, but it’s also creating neurogenesis. So it’s restarting a bit of brain cell generation, it’s getting our brains working again. But if you take NGF orally it’s not going to cross the blood brain barrier to initiate your brain to generate NGF, so lion’s mane is a fantastic option. We are working with doctors in Spain and clinicians who have patients in late-stage dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and seeing a lot of really good results … on how lion’s mane is able to help.”

“It’s lion’s mane in particular that people are just raving about, especially for focus,
concentration and ADHD”

A recent review by Chinese researchers which looked at the potential beneficial effects of mushroom compounds on neurodegenerative diseases (NDs) including Alzheimer’s disease (AD), concluded: “Diverse mushrooms can be regarded as treasure troves of active compounds … Overall, many types of mushrooms have shown beneficial effects in alleviating AD, and these are attributed to their large number of constituents, such as polysaccharides, phenols, and peptides. The mechanisms involved in the anti-AD activities of mushroom metabolites include antioxidant and antineuro-inflammatory activity, apoptosis inhibition, and stimulation of neurite outgrowth, etcetera. The information collected in this review suggests that mushrooms and their metabolites have broad application prospects in the management of AD as well as NDs more widely.”

Keeping it social
Jackson says that supplements in capsule and powder form are popular, because they offer ‘quality amounts’, but he’s also seeing a lot of new foods and functional drinks with added adaptogens, which for some are more conducive to their daily routines.

Peer envisions mushrooms becoming a regular addition to people’s daily lives. He is witnessing ‘everyday, non-healthy’ people adopting the habit, and says the brand’s adaptogenic coffees – Zen, Mojo and Flow – are perfect for this. “It’s just another way you can incorporate mushrooms into your daily diet. There are really good synergies with caffeine and adaptogens. When we have coffee on its own, caffeine’s absorbed quickly, and we get a spike and then we get a crash. With adaptogens you tend to get a sustained energy level, so a lot of our customers say they went from having four or five regular coffees in a day to only needing one or two adaptogenic coffees.”

When Jackson initially stocked medicinal mushrooms, he says: “We started off with Mushrooms 4 Life capsules for the convenience of customers, but we now also do their mushroom coffees, turmeric lattes, hot chocolates. People also kept asking about a brand called DIRTEA, so we recently brought that in which is in a powder form, and it’s flying off the shelves – I think partly due to the fact they’ve got a great social media presence, so people know about the brand. You mix it with hot water or add it to coffee or hot chocolate.”

So, is social media presence from such brands playing a big part in driving the category? “I think so. We’re seeing a lot of medicinal mushrooms, especially on Instagram, people giving testimonials about how it’s helped their sleep or stress levels or whatever it may be, and I think DIRTEA are particularly great at doing that. They’re really getting the word out there.”

With EFSA regulations curbing claims, Puro finds social media an effective way to extol the benefits of mushrooms, but uses it as an indirect tool. “We can’t do anything on our company’s social media at all – no education whatsoever – so we work a lot with social media influencers and educate the educators. We host education events, seminars, and we also work with doctors and practitioners – we can share clinical trials with them because they are educators. In-house, our company has research analysts and I sit on the committee of the International Medicinal Mushroom Society so we see all the new papers that are released and can really effectively disseminate that information, just not through the company directly.”

Growing pains
Jackson anticipates the market will expand and notes that medicinal mushrooms are much more than a fad. “They’re not one of those things that people say works and then doesn’t. We’re actually seeing people getting great results from them, so I can’t imagine they’re going to go away anytime soon – I think we’re just going to see more.”

But as well as offering efficacious health solutions, this rapid and continued growth presents problems around quality. Tom Baxter, founder of The Bristol Fungarium – producer of the UK’s first organic certified medicinal mushrooms – explains: “The trouble is, even with organic certification, you don’t have to check the powder that you’re buying, you don’t have to do any DNA analysis, so no one actually knows if that powder is reishi, or lion’s mane, or whatever.” He cites a study by North American medicinal mushroom extract company Nammex which tested 19 different reishi mushroom products sold in the USA for the compounds that characterize the fruiting body of reishi, and found that only five of the samples could be verified as genuine.

“We’re lucky in that we work with the UWE Science Department and so we are able to get a lot of tests done – we test our products, we test other people’s products. It’s all about knowledge. It’s provenance. If you know that someone’s … doing everything on site themselves, you can have some confidence that they’re doing a good job, but it’s hard.”

And it probably won’t get any easier in future as more potential varieties are discovered to have healing properties. “I’ve spent a lot of time foraging and there are a lot of mushrooms in the UK and Northern Europe that have very similar compounds to the mushrooms used in traditional Chinese medicine,” says Baxter. “We need to open our eyes and see what’s around us. In the UK there are over 13,000 currently identified types of fungi, so there’s plenty to work with.”

Puro agrees, saying that although his company is currently focused on growing the seven most well-known species of mushroom, there are more species of mushrooms than there are plants, so he believes we are only just ‘at the tip of the iceberg’ and that ten years from now we’ll be utilizing compounds from hundreds of species of fungi to improve our lives. 

The last word goes to Baxter: “I think there’s a lot going on outside of our bodies which is pretty dysfunctional at the moment, and I think mushrooms are filling the belief space. Mushrooms are fulfilling a societal need … we need hope, and mushrooms are giving us hope.”

Quotes from Zain Peer, Tom Baxter and Eric Puro are taken from the ‘Shroom me up! – the rise of functional mushrooms’ seminar at NOPEX in April


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