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The latest Special Features from the pages of Natural Products News – the leading trade magazine for the natural and organic products industry.

Easter edge

With Christmas but a distant memory, the next festive feature on the calendar is Easter, so now’s the right time to spring into action

Eyeing up the options

If you thought you’d seen it all in terms of COVID-19 think again – the latest area to be impacted is eye health, Rosie Greenaway reports. 

Get your Christmas stock-in!

A well-planned festive promotion will help you end the year on a high, writes Jim Manson, ahead of Christmas

Riding the wave of hydration

Rosie Greenaway hears tales from the high seas and learns from an elite athlete why hydration means everything for performance

A balancing act

Adaptogens have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, but the term was coined by toxicologist Nikolai Lazarev in 1958. 

Stories from the post-Brexit frontline

Well known figures from across the sector share their experiences of doing business with the EU in the new post-Brexit trading environment.

Made to measure

Jane Wolfe enters the world of personalized wellness to discover what’s available to consumers wanting to take control of their health

Styling it out

The rise of refills has created a fresh entry point for those conscious consumers eager to get their eco on, says Matt Chittock.

You’ve got male

Men are now outspending women in the quest for optimum health, reports Matt Chittock – so how should health stores adapt?

From baby bust to baby boom

Despite a predicted decline in birthrate, Kate Miller highlights the reasons why it’s always a good time to stock up on baby products 

Eat, sleep, move, repeat

Rosie Greenaway shares a checklist of products which health stores could offer to active lifestyle enthusiasts.

Digital degeneration

Rosie Greenaway eyes up the impact of too much everyday screen time during multiple lockdowns on the health of our retinas.

Best of British

In light of COVID and the uncertainty around Brexit with regard to food safety, consumers are increasingly appreciative of British producers and attracted to...

Fit for purpose

How has the sports nutrition category changed to help customers stay active through COVID-19? Matt Chittock finds out

Staying present

In the midst of a pandemic, Rosie Greenaway reveals the Christmas collections waiting to bring a smile to Brits’ faces.

An apple a day

The market for apple cider vinegar products has exploded in recent years. Jo Caird finds out why What if, instead of eating the forbidden fruit,...

Playgrounds and pandemics

As parents prepare to drop their children off at the school gates after a prolonged period of homeschooling, nerves will run high over kids’ wellbeing.

Sustainability: stemming the tide

Recent pressure from the plastics industry to delay single-use plastic bans amid questions of safety during COVID-19 may signal a dangerous backslide, but Jane...

Know the drill

Discovering everything from ‘naked gum’ to toothpaste tabs, Dominique Ayling cuts her teeth in the natural oral care market.

Operation Healthy Lockdown

As health stores find themselves on the frontline of a national effort to keep the UK nourished, Jim Manson reports on Operation Healthy Lockdown.