It’s not rocket science that lying at the root of tiredness and fatigue is often consistent, poor quality sleep. Here, Denise Barrett unveils some ground-breaking data along with innovative (and sometimes radical) products aimed at tackling the demons of insomnia 

Currently we are living in an existential scenario that would task even the hardiest sleeper. A raft of distressing situations is causing the nation to sleepwalk into tiredness, fatigue and even exhaustion. Crippling strikes, Brexit fallout, climate change, COVID and the spiralling cost of living crisis exacerbated by Putin’s war. No wonder it’s a problem to drift off to sleep and stay there.   

Fortunately, at the centre of this very category shines some gold standard research findings and super innovative product development to promote in store. 

Does CBN have the edge?
In May 2022, progressive company Slumber partnered with MoreBetter (doing business as Releaf App) for a Sleep Pathfinder Mission. With help from the Releaf App’s software, the study focused on how cannabinol (CBN) may potentially alleviate the symptoms of sleeplessness and improve its overall quality. 

In the US, where Slumber is based, hundreds of participants volunteered to try the raspberry-flavoured gummies for 30 days and share their experiences via the app. Over 50% of the participants were first-time CBN users. The results showed that 71% of the volunteers agreed that the product improved various aspects of their lives, plus sleep quality and patterns, with 82% achieving more nights of quality, uninterrupted sleep and over half experiencing less anxiety.  

Of course, cannabidiol (CBD) already majors in many products designed to help improve anxiety, stress and other conditions. However, research into CBN is ongoing and Slumber is pioneering the category by exploring how it can be used in a dedicated way, specifically to improve sleep – and so far, the results are positive.

Temperature gauge
A new finding by bedroom furniture expert Bed Kingdom reports that recent analysis of Google search data for ‘insomnia help’ exploded by 792% in the UK on 6 September to the highest point since the cost of living began to rise in February 2022.

This spurred Bed Kingdom to look at how this crisis is likely to affect sleep and what steps people can take to remedy these issues whilst on a budget. Its study looked at two factors that are most likely to hit the lowest income and most vulnerable households: stress and cold temperatures in the home. 

These two vital elements were selected in response to a recent survey conducted by the Royal College of Physicians on how the rising cost of living is damaging the nation’s health. The survey concluded that 55% of British people blame the cost of living crisis for deteriorating health. Of those, 84% cited heating costs and 16% cited stress.  

“Google search data for ‘insomnia help’ exploded by 792% in the UK on 6 September to the highest point since the cost of living began to rise”

The World Health Organization recommends setting temperatures to 18°C for optimal sleep, because the body must work harder to sleep when subjected to cold temperatures, when increases in heart rate and blood pressure can lead to heart attacks in serious cases, especially in the elderly or those with pre-existing health conditions. 

Ironically, the National Sleep Foundation believes that the best way to fall asleep quickly and get better quality sleep is to sleep in a cooler room. 

Sounds for snoozing
In an inspired partnership, CBD brand OTO has united with British electronic band Faithless to remix its iconic ’90s dance anthem Insomnia. The soothing ‘orchestral’ track runs for 27 minutes, the average amount of time it should take to drift off. Insomnia: Blissful Sleep Remix has been designed to lull listeners into a deep, restorative sleep and has been underpinned by sleep science and new research from OTO into the nation’s sleep habits. 

OTO’s Sleep Drops in combination with the track aims to create a formula for optimum sleep. Pure OTO CBD is infused with soothing lavender, calming butterfly pea flower and fresh field mint curated to help users sleep soundly without leaving them feeling drowsy, says the company.  

OTO founder Gemma Colao comments: “Sound and sleep have always been at the heart of our brand. The word ‘oto’ means ‘sound’ in Japanese, and as someone who’s always been a bad sleeper I have a personal connection to what lack of sleep can do to our minds and bodies.” 

Bedtime cuppas
In the beverage category, two savvy brands have come up with novel twists on the traditional bedtime drink. 

Pura Collagen has launched Sleep, an evening supplement to aid tiredness and fatigue, providing ‘beauty sleep in a mug’. It blends a cocktail of relaxing and restoring ingredients: bioactive collagen peptides, 5-HTP and magnesium, together with additional active amino acids and minerals, help the body heal and repair during sleep. Core ingredient 5-HTP works to stimulate serotonin levels, promoting faster, deeper and longer sleep. The product is temptingly delivered in a luxurious double chocolate and salted caramel collagen powder formula designed to replace a night-time herbal tea or glass of milk. 

Novel effervescent brand Bubbl & Co has a new calming variant, Pause, designed to help with anxiety and be restorative and relaxing. To optimize sleepy neurotransmitters, Pause uses magnesium bisglycinate – one of two forms of magnesium that crosses this vital brain barrier – and l-theanine to help calm the nervous system.

Pause comes in Midnight Berry flavour, with ten drinks per tube. Dissolve a tablet in hot or cold water 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime. Bubbl’s promise: Every tube sold means a week’s worth of clean drinking water for someone in need via non-profit organization, charity:water. 

New for night-owls
Unwind’s range of snack bars is hand-baked and packed in Ireland, and specifically designed for evening time. The three initial launch flavours – Roasted Nut & Chocolate, Malted Milk & Chocolate and Dark Chocolate & Orange – contain relaxation-promoting ingredients such as Montmorency cherry, l-theanine and chamomile, mixed with grains and seeds and topped with a touch of Belgian chocolate. 

“Taking the time to slow down and ease into a more natural night-time rhythm is
the best way to achieve that zen feeling”

Unwind founder, Deirdre Hynds, is a lifelong ‘night owl’ and developed the bars to satisfy late-night cravings. “Our company ethos is ‘take your time’,” she says. “We believe that taking the time to slow down and ease into a more natural night-time rhythm is the best way to achieve that zen feeling of rest and relaxation we all crave.” 

Gentle awakening
Patented galenic formula B.SYNC ON is designed to support and improve the wake-up process through a blend of four natural active ingredients – vitamins B5 and B12, zinc and caffeine – all conveniently stored in a delayed-release capsule. After taking B.SYNC ON at bedtime, the product waits for around seven hours before it starts to release energizing nutrients to refresh you the following morning. The plan is to wake up gradually and effortlessly, helping you transition with ease from sound asleep to wide awake, with no drowsiness or cognitive impairment.  

Dot on
Energydots are a wellbeing innovation to wear and place around the home, with products to suit the whole family, including pets. The magnetic structure of dots is digitally programmed with an intelligent combination of natural fields. Peer reviewed studies show stress-reducing, energizing and relaxing effects.

The sleepDOT variant emits a mix of soothing vibrations and is designed to slow daytime brainwaves down to the sleep frequencies that help you drift off. The low-powered magnet is programmed with a combination of calming frequencies to aid deep sleep. It’s super user-friendly, too; simply peel off the adhesive backing and attach to a nearby surface while you sleep.

Vapes go ‘wellness’
On the product side, from across the pond comes HYLA – a hot new brand in the vaping category. HYLA is created in conjunction with Flawless CBD & Vape Distribution and is a no-nicotine, plant-powered, disposable vape product. High in demand in the US right now (the product was designed in Los Angeles) single-use HYLA is packed with 800 puffs, all gluten-free and vegan. Ten fruity flavours include Watermelon & Mint, Hibiscus & Blackberry and Coconut & Lime.

Lifestyle Packaging says it is at the forefront when it comes to e-liquid and vape packaging, specializing in the design and manufacture of child-resistant e-liquid containers. The company estimates close to four million adults in the UK are vapers, a trend that is driving a new product category – so-called ‘wellness vaping’ – using the same technology. 

“Hormones such as melatonin to promote sleep, vitamins including B12, C and E, and natural supplements like milk thistle, green tea and essential oils can all be inhaled using an e-cigarette style device,” says the company’s sales director, George Cooper. 

“Inhaling rather than swallowing supplements is thought to speed up absorption into the bloodstream, and therefore act fast. It’s also a more tactile and sensory approach to consuming wellness products, which could boost uptake.”

As wellness vapes don’t contain nicotine, they currently evade regulation, says Lifestyle Packaging. But US regulator the FDA has issued a warning about this category of products, stating that its health and wellness claims are unproven, and the products may be ineffective, a waste of money and even unsafe.



Lanes Health
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Natural Nordic Energy* The only supplement formulated with Nordic blueberries, BlueIron is highly bioavailable and fast-working. Its patented micro-encapsulated iron means it’s easily absorbed and gentle on the stomach. BlueIron provides the full recommended intake of iron for renewed energy*, focus and natural vitality. Every bottle of BlueIron contains vitamins combined with Nordic blueberry concentrate for a great flavour, avoiding the unpleasant taste and side-effects often associated with other iron products. It is also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and includes no artificial colours.
BlueIron will make a strong addition to health food stores’ existing vitamin and supplement category. 


The MenoShake 

Girl Power Nutrition Ltd t/a BOMIMO
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The MenoShake by BOMIMO is a unique, comprehensive functional food supplement that has been specifically designed to provide all-in-one optimum nutrition to women’s health during midlife. The Vegan Vanilla blend combines a high strength multi-vitamin and mineral complex, plant proteins, a pre & probiotic and ten herbal ingredients known to support women with the symptoms of perimenopause and post menopause. RRP £39.99 per 20 serving 400g pouch.  The Award winning Chocolate Collagen blend also includes marine collagen, flaxseed and psyllium husk, added fibre to provide a feeling of fullness and support weight management. RRP £44.99 per 20 serving 500g pouch


Dome Vitamins

Iron Assist

Dome Iron Assist (Dark/Milk chocolate) is the best way to boost your iron levels. Each dome contains 12 mg of microencapsulated iron infused in luxurious artisanal chocolate that melts in the mouth. It also contains the goodness of Vitamin C and B complex to combat fatigue. These domes are super gentle on your tummy and inject 80% of your daily iron requirement with the goodness of chocolate that would instantly uplift your mood. With no unpleasant aftertaste of iron, these domes taste divine. The cocoa is fair trade certified and there are no artificial fillers. Gluten free, vegetarian.


Gusto Organic Original Energy and Lemon Energy

Gusto Organic
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Gusto Organic Original Energy and Lemon Energy are your go-to for stimulation, focus and a naturally sustained lift and combine energising wonder berry Amazon guarana with apoptogenic herbs Siberian Ginseng and Panax Ginseng in a handy grab-and-go bottle. Originating in the 1990s as the natural drink to get the party started, the Gusto energy range offers a chemical-free lift without the crash and burn of big-brand energy drinks packed with synthetic caffeine and artificial sweeteners. Sweetened with Fairtrade apple and Fairtrade agave, Gusto’s pocket rockets will keep you alert and focused for any task at any time.



HealthAid Ltd
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Mind & Body stimulation – Haemovit®Plus capsules are specially formulated to provide vital nutrients needed for the maintenance of healthy blood cells and a strong immune system. Rich in Iron, Vitamin B12, Zinc and Copper which contribute to healthy nervous system, increased energy levels and reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Haemovit® Plus capsules also help improve hair and skin condition and maintain growth. Copper and Manganese are essential trace minerals that help strengthen blood vessels, bones, tendons, nerves and have antioxidant activity in the body. Copper aids in the absorption of Iron in the body.
Haemovit®Plus  retails at £10.49 for 30 Capsules. Contact HealthAid Ltd on 020 8426 3400
for purchase and stockist information or visit   


Sleep Well with Helios

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At some point in our lives one in four of us will experience sleep disturbances, leading to tiredness and, in longstanding cases, extreme fatigue.  Helios Sleep combines four homeopathic remedies, Avena sativa, Coffea, Passiflora and Valarian. These remedies have a long, tried and tested history of traditional use to relieve all manner of Sleep disturbances from getting off to sleep to frequent waking during the night.  Being natural, Helios Sleep has no known side effects and is suitable for both short and longterm use.  Winner of multiple awards and the 2022 Natural Lifestyle’s Highly Commended Award for Best Herbal product, Helios Sleep comes in organic sucrose pill form, in our single dose dispenser.


Nature’s Answer Green Tea Energy Shot

Kinetic Natural Products Distributor
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This shot  is “The Natural Energiser”- with green tea, energising herbs like yerba mate; superfruits blueberry, pomegranate, mangosteen, muscadine grape, goji and acai; amino acids taurine and L-tyrosine; and B vitamins to support sustained energy. The process of steaming and drying green tea in preparation for consumption de-activates the enzyme polyphenol oxidase responsible for oxidation and allows the natural substances called polyphenols, including flavonoids, proanthocyanidins and catechins to remain intact for powerful antioxidant properties. With no artificial sweeteners or benzoates, and further enhanced with Quick-sorb®, Nature’s Answers patented blend of ginger, amla fruit and capsicum, for the best possible absorption of nutrients. 


Lamberts Vegan Iron Complex

Lamberts Healthcare
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Tiredness & Fatigue – One of the common causes of tiredness and fatigue are insufficient iron levels. Low iron intakes are common in the UK, official data shows that 89% of young women consume less than the daily RNI of 14.8mg. Lamberts Vegan Iron Complex is much more than just another iron supplement and makes the perfect addition to a plant-based diet, providing a generous 20mg of elemental iron. Within our formula, the mineral has been carefully balanced with vitamin B12, a nutrient responsible for normal energy metabolism, as well as the amino acid, L-lysine, which is known to aid iron absorption. 


Ultimate Energy Boost Complex

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Organic Energy Boost Complex | Certified Organic | Vegan Complex | High Strength I Made in the UK | 60 Days Supply.
Organic & Vegan Complex using plant-based ingredients with Full-Spectrum Nutrients to enhance the benefits and boost your Energy Level.
Organic Ginseng Root Powder and Organic Ginger Root Powder combined with Seagreens seaweed, Arctic fresh Fucus vesiculosus are blended with natural Vitamin C from Acerola Fruit and natural Iodine providing you maximum absorption to enhance the benefits and boost your Energy Level. Each capsule is easy to swallow and are made to be vegan and vegetarian friendly.
Shop Health products I


NutraBoost – Herbal Tea For Energy

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NutraBoost® by Nutra Tea® is 1 of 24 functional herbal teas that has been expertly formulated by pharmacists and nutritionists to help maintain optimal stamina, feelings of energy and vitality. This unique herbal blend contains 100% active botanicals that have been sustainably sourced including Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Liquorice and many more well-established ingredients to help maintain mental capacities and a mental calm. Each biodegradable tea bag contains 2 grams of active ingredients with no additives, oils or excipients enabling it to be reused throughout the day to make it the ideal offering to maintain physical and mental capacities.


Bee energised Energy & Focus Supplement

Unbeelievable Health
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Multi-award winning Bee Energised energy and focus supplement is formulated by nutritionists & combines highest quality nutrients with proven benefits including organic: bee pollen, matcha & spirulina plus ginseng, rose hips & l-theanine rich green tea, rosemary extract & more. They contain no fillers, allergens or excipients and are Vegetarian Society Approved. Capsule contents may be opened into juice for those who don’t like swallowing pills. Bee Energised is helpful for fatigue, brain fog, sports & fitness training, jet lag, long covid, exams & more. Available via CLF, Bionature, Hunts, Natural Dispensary and Wholefoods Ireland. 


Iron Vital

WFBM Healthcare
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Do you often feel tired or worn out? These could be signs of an iron deficiency. This trace element plays a key role in the production of red blood cells and thus in the vital transportation of oxygen around the body by the blood. Hübner Iron VITAL® Liquid provides a fruity tasting supply of iron to individuals at special times of life, for example for pregnant women and nursing mothers, for women with heavy menstruation, for vegetarians and vegans and for athletes and active people. Hübner Iron VITAL® Liquid contains the trace element iron in its bivalent form, which is extremely easy for the body to absorb. Iron Vital now comes in single shot sachets making taking your daily shot more convenient.


Wholesale Health Ltd

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Iron and B12 are notable vegan essentials as dietary sources may be low for those following a plant-based diet. They each play a role in important bodily functions like energy production and reduced tiredness and fatigue. When opting for liquid ionic vitamins and minerals, you are assured of fast and effective absorption and a form that is gentle on the digestive system. Ionic Iron and Ionic Vitamin B12 come with metered droppers, providing flexible dosing to suit individual requirements. Vegan, Non-GMO, gluten-free, with no known allergens. Ionic Iron 56ml (approx. 46 servings). Ionic Vitamin B12 59ml (approx. 59 servings).


Yogi Tea® Maca Chai Organic

Yogi Tea distributed by Euro Food Brands
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A classic chai with a twist. A delicious, energizing blend with “Superfoods” maca and guarana combined with chai spices, delivering a rich and complex taste experience, for an energetic day. Let the Yogi Tea® Maca Chai Organic exotic blend invite you on a journey of discovery. Your sense of adventure will be reawakened! Spicy, lively and exciting, this is the tea for everyone who wants to discover something new. For a perfect brew, pour 250 ml of freshly boiled water over the teabag and allow to infuse for 7 minutes. Add milk or milk substitute and sweeten to taste.


Pura Collagen SLEEP

Pura Collagen Ltd
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Award winning collagen solutions company Pura Collagen® launches SLEEP.  Backed by science, SLEEP combines hydrolysed collagen peptides with key ingredients which work to stimulate serotonin levels, helping you fall asleep quicker and more deeply. Supported by magnesium, this activates the parasympathetic nervous system and regulates the hormone melatonin, which guides sleep-wake cycles in your body and quiets the nervous system. Naturally flavoured with luxurious double chocolate and salted caramel, SLEEP is designed to replace your nighttime drink of choice.  Pura Collagen® offers the UK’s highest quality collagen supplements, created with scientifically proven ingredients, to ensure maximum results.