New Tummy Tonic from The Cultured Food Company

Beet Kvass
Beet Kvass

The Cultured Food Company has introduced its latest live creation, Organic Fermented Beet Kvass Beetroot & Ginger Drink, to the UK market.

Beet Kvass is handmade in small batches from cultured beetroot which is barrel-fermented in brine for several months to give the healthy bacteria a chance to grow and multiply. It is then infused with organic ginger, resulting in a unique salty and sour drink, says the company, which is rich in probiotics and has no added sugar.

The zingy beverage has a vibrant colour and is packed with nutrients to support immunity and digestion and cleanse the liver. Rich in Iron, vitamin C and antioxidants, it has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties.

The Beet Kvass is raw and unpasteurized, and made with just organic beetroot, filtered water, sea salt and organic ginger. Each bottle contains five servings which can be consumed as a drink or shot, added to oil as a salad dressing, to fruit juice or cocktails.

The West Cork-based company started to brew the centuries-old Russian probiotic drink in Ireland after owner Hayley Milthorpe spotted a gap in the market. “We started the company making sauerkraut’s and kimchi, but I wanted to introduce Beet Kvass to the range to give our customers a quick and easy option to get these vital nutrients in to their diets,” she says.