SkinGlo: beauty from within


New from Nutrivitality comes a daily collagen drink, SkinGlo, claiming to offer plumper, smoother, younger-looking skin within as little as two weeks when drinking a sachet a day.

Suitable for both men and women, and for any skin type, SkinGlo is produced using ethically sourced ingredients and is positioned as ‘a groundbreaking, non-medical solution’ designed to banish wrinkles and restore a youthful glow.

SkinGlo contains high grade, hydrolyzed marine collagen which, the brand says, is absorbed into the body more readily than cheaper alternatives. With 8g per sachet, it adds that this is the highest amount on the market.

The drink also contains vitamin C to help with collagen formation and reduce skin damage; B vitamins to protect cells and promote clearer, more radiant skin; hyaluronic acid to calm, hydrate and protect the skin; and ceramosides to help prevent the breakdown of collagen.

SkinGlo, which ‘tastes just like fruit juice’, is packaged in pre-portioned sachets so is handy to keep in the fridge, gym bag or desk drawer, or to take away while travelling.