FUL Foods has launched FUL Revive, a line of natural and functional vegan and ‘climate active’ health drinks.

The drinks are low in calories, have no added sugar and provide high quality vegan protein, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, all derived from FUL, the brand’s water-soluble, ‘unapologetically blue’ superfood which is derived from nutrient dense spirulina.

The sparkling refreshments are available in three flavours – White Peach, Lemon & Ginger and Lime & Mint – and are positioned as invigorating post-workout pick-me-ups, refreshing drinks to be enjoyed on their own or as mixers with gin, rum or vodka.

The brand says that whereas spirulina and other microalgae have a very strong taste, smell and issues around colour stability and solubility, FUL superfood’s innovative technology turns spirulina into a ‘mass-market friendly’ ingredient.

FUL Foods aims to be climate active, positively impact the planet, for example through CO2 recycling which uses biogenic sources of CO2. CO2 emitted from other functions like brewing beer, for example, is reutilized as a primary feedstock to grow spirulina. FUL also uses minimal freshwater in production and is kept in a closed-loop system allowing the water used in the production process to be collected after harvesting and reutilized during the subsequent cultivation.

FUL Foods won the 2021 World Beverage Innovation Awards for best beverage ingredient.