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Dutch scientists develop ground-breaking approach on vitamins intake

A new risk-benefit method for evaluating micronutrient intake developed by Dutch scientists could help end the reliance on outdated approaches to the setting of vitamin and mineral levels, says the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH). The ANH commissioned the Dutch study in an effort to cut through the “considerable confusion” over what levels are optimum […]

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NEW Nature's Way Alive! Soft Jell Multi-Vitamin Range

It’s Alive! – top US supplements brand aims to breathe new life into to VMS category with soft jells launch

Schwabe Nature’s Way is aiming to breathe new life into the VMS category by adding an innovative range of premium soft jells to its popular Alive! portfolio. Founded in 1968, Nature’s Way produces a wide range of quality food supplements in the US worth around $1 billion a year, including Alive! which is one of […]

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Sibberi Birch Water group shot

Sibberi brings taste of the forest to UK market

London-based start-up Sibberi has brought its natural Birch Water to the UK market. The only brand with no added sugar, Birch Water is 100% birch sap, tapped straight from the trunk of birch trees, and contains only five calories per 100ml. The sap is naturally enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids and has […]

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Virtue serves up low cal ice tea

The Virtue brand has launched as the UK’s lowest calorie ice tea (19 calories per 100ml) and the only one enriched with vitamins and minerals. The initial Virtue Ice Tea range comes in Lemon and Strawberry & Peach varieties and contain no refined sugar and no artificial ingredients, aiming to appeal to health-conscious consumers looking […]

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