Aiming to cause a stir in the plant-based milk category, Overherd Oat Drink Powder is launching on 27 January to offer a more sustainable alternative to the RTD oat milks currently on the market.

Created by Yorkshire based start-up Overherd Brands Ltd, the product is positioned as the UK’s first powdered oat milk and is made using organic gluten-free oats (68%), coconut MCT powder, chicory root fibre, calcium carbonate and vitamin B12.

Overherd is ten times lighter, less bulky and uses less packaging than pre-mixed milks, thus it reduces carbon emissions throughout the supply chain. The brand has swapped conventional cartons for a lightweight recyclable pouch, with each unit capable of producing eight litres of ‘on-demand, delicious and instant oat milk’.

Oat milk is 90% water, so we focus on the 10% that isn’t water

In addition, the powdered oat milk has a much longer shelf life than RTD milks and consumers can mix the exact amount of milk needed, reducing the amount of unused milk going to waste.

“Oat milk is 90% water, so we focus on the 10% that isn’t water, the bit that contains all the flavour, texture and nutrients,” explains brand founder Sandy Eyre. “Users add the water at home instead, which saves packaging, carbon emissions and food waste.

“The environmental impact of dairy production is becoming more well known, and it’s great to see so many switching to plant milks. However, we think you can do one better in terms of sustainability.”

Initially being sold via the brand’s website, Overherd Brands is looking to move into retail through specialist health food and vegan stores.