Spanish flexitarian brand Flax & Kale comes to the UK

Spanish company Flax & Kale – which began in 1979 as a small vegetarian restaurant in Lleida – is launching its range of plant-based foods and kombuchas in the UK at the end of November.

The B Corp-certified brand’s meat alternative line includes beef and chicken burgers, meatballs, mince, nuggets and croquettes, as well as a collection of ready-meals, for example Plant-based Bolognese Lasagne and Mushroom Cannelloni, inspired by the company’s restaurants.

Products also span the fermented category with cheeses, including spreadable, creamy, mature Cheddar-style and semi-cured Manchego-style; and kombuchas made with cold-pressed juices, such as Lemon Fantasy, Dragon Lemonade, Kombucola, Blue Mojito and Symbiotic Passion.

Flax & Kale says it aims to ‘democratize healthy eating for everyone, innovating the world of tasty, and sustainable food’.

“We are excited to be launching in the UK, an important market for us, where there is a strong appetite for tasty, healthy and sustainable products,” says Jordi Barri, CEO of Flax & Kale. “Plant-based produce isn’t just for vegetarians and vegans, so it is a growing category. We look forward to more people being able to enjoy our healthy yet nutritious range of food and drink very soon, regardless of their regular diet.”

The brand’s production capacity enables it to manufacture white label solutions for like-minded partners.