The Sustainable Foods Summit (SFS), organized by Ecovia Intelligence, is set to return on 8-11 June, with a focus on two flourishing food sectors: plant-based and organic.

The SFS will discuss the direction of travel for both the plant-based and organic markets, against a backdrop of increased consumer interest in the ‘ethical and environmental credentials’ of plant-based living.

“Organic foods are expected to play a more important role in the European food industry,” comments Ecovia.

Among the topics due to be included in the seminar line up are:

  • Growing popularity of plant-based foods: as they continue to eat into the market share of meat and dairy, NPD and investment is ‘stimulating consumer demand for plant-based foods’. Siska Pottie from the European Alliance for Plant-Based Foods will provide a market update, sharing the latest data and insights into why consumers are increasingly turning to meat and dairy replacements. Andrew Ive from Big Idea Ventures will speak on novel plant proteins, and other key speakers will cover soya protein supply chains, distribution and marketing challenges
  • Outlook for organic foods: Europe expects to see a significant increase in organic farming over the next few years and as part of its Farm to Fork strategy the EU has set a target of 25% organic farmland by 2030. Commenting on this will be Henri Delanghe from the European Commission
  • Sustainability in retailing: as retailers strive to reduce their environmental impacts through concepts such as zero waste and plastic-free, Lolô Ascar – co-founder of e-tailer Era Zero Waste – will explain how the store has become carbon neutral
  • Novel food ingredients: Pasi Vainkka, co-founder of Solar Foods, will provide an update on ‘the growing array of sustainable ingredients’. This Finnish start-up is making sustainable protein from air, water and renewable electricity through a process of fermentation, in the hope of demonstrating how the future of food ingredients ‘may not involve agriculture’. Also in this segment, Hana Gabrielová – founder of Hempoint – will discuss the growing prevalence of hemp in plant-based snacks, drinks and oils.

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