Staking its claim as the ‘first recognized tea brand’ to do so, teapigs has launched a three-strong line of kombuchas, brewed in small batches in the UK using a live SCOBY and the brand’s sustainably sourced tea.

The 100% natural teapigs kombuchas have no artificial flavours or sweeteners and are available in:

  • Original Kombucha – combining water, Mao Feng green tea from China, Rwandan black tea, organic cane sugar and kombucha culture to provide a clean, crisp, fizzy and acidic drink aimed at kombucha purists
  • Ginger + lemongrass – based on Original Kombucha plus the brand’s Lemongrass & Ginger Infusion, adding ginger, lemongrass, lemon peel and liquorice root for a spiced and citrussy experience, reminiscent of ginger beer
  • Peach + Mango – this variant brings the taste of teapigs’ Peach & Mango Cold Brew Infusion into the kombucha arena, using natural additions including white hibiscus, apple, sweet blackberry leaves, beetroot, peach, mango for a tropically fruity taste.

“Being in the tea world, kombucha is everywhere, and we couldn’t help but think there’s always been one thing missing from the hype – the tea!” says teapigs co-founder, Louise Cheadle. “Rather than using syrups, juices of flavourings, we’ve got an award-winning range of teas and fruit infusions so why not use those real brewed teas to make a delicious drink? We figured better tea, equals better booch.

“It’s going to be a summer of picnics and BBQs, so these handy cans are the perfect drink to take to the park or enjoy at home. Kombucha is also massively popular with those looking for healthier soft drinks or beverages that can be drunk as a grown up alcohol free alternative – there’s only so much squash you can drink, right? Kombucha really ticks all the boxes for those drinks occasions throughout the day making it a must stock item.”

The kombuchas are available in 250ml recyclable cans which have a 12-month shelf life. For each can sold, 5p is donated to the brand’s ethical scheme which supports vulnerable young people in Rwanda.