WOW, what a Dark Detox

Healthy drinks brand WOW has expanded its product line-up with a new drink containing activated charcoal.

Dark Detox is a blend of fresh juice, filtered water and activated charcoal, and is designed to help maintain a healthy digestive tract by removing toxins.

The low-calorie drinks are available in Lemon, Raspberry and Lemon & Mint, and are sweetened with agave syrup.

The fruits in the drinks are cold-pressed to ensure that they retain their nutritional profile.

“Dark Detox presents an easy and affordable way to incorporate activated charcoal into your diet without compromising on flavour or quality,” says brand co-founder Oliver Dickinson, commenting on the launch.

“It makes a great morning cleanse and is the perfect way of selecting a healthy choice without breaking the bank.”

Dark Detox joins WOW’s original Chia Seed Drink.