On its new consumer-facing website HealthyDoesIt, the Health Food Manufacturers’ Association (HFMA) has launched a fresh campaign for 2021 to ‘drive people towards personal health plans and into health stores’ to boost footfall for independent retailers.

Launched today on HealthyDoesIt, the campaign – New Year’s Revolution – targets consumers with personalized health plans designed to help them ‘rethink, reset and restart’ good health habits, and urges them to kick off the 2021 with a trip to their local health store.

The HFMA says the initiative is ‘more important than ever since the latest lockdown announcement, with all of the health implications this brings’. The organization suggests the timing of January’s new restrictions presents a valuable opportunity for people to re-prioritize health: “With encouragement, inspiration and support, lockdown can be an opportunity to rethink, reset and restart good health habits. It’s HealthyDoesIt’s firm conviction that health stores are the best resource to support people in their 2021 health journey. After all, they were founded from a natural health revolution and are best placed to help consumers find theirs.”

Through a focus on three main health areas – sleep, digestion and energy – the HFMA aims to address a range of concerns from immune health and weight management to stress and mental wellbeing.

More than ever consumers are taking a look at their health, recognizing the importance of taking proactive steps

A health quiz will be available online for each topic. Once consumers have completed their answers, a personalized health plan will be generated, which they can then take to into their local store and seek further advice.

As a key feature of the HealthyDoesIt site, a search tool enables shoppers to locate their nearest natural food store, be that independent or part of the Holland & Barrett chain.

HealthyDoesIt expert adviser Ben Brown comments: “More than ever consumers are taking a look at their health, recognizing the importance of taking proactive steps. What they need is scientifically accurate and encouraging advice. This is what HealthyDoesIt’s New Year’s Revolution: 2021 Rethink, Reset and Restart is all about.”

To support retailers, manufacturers and practitioners who wish to engage with the campaign, a series of media assets have been created including top tips and social media posts. Video content has also been created by nutritionist Suzie Sawyer, ensuring ‘information is provided to consumers in a friendly and purposeful way, setting realistic expectations about the time it takes to get healthy, stay healthy and keep maintaining health goals’.

Retailers and HFMA members can access the full toolkit here: https://hfma.co.uk/healthydoesit/.