The latest launch from Adaptogenic Apothecary is Freedom, a ‘ground-breaking’ adaptogenic powder clinically proven to ease symptoms of the menopause which can be taken instead of, or alongside, HRT.

Including a daily dose of Affron (saffron extract), which is clinically proven to reduce anxiety, improve mood, ease joint pain, improve sleep, increase libido and help to maintain a state of relaxation, the supplement also includes lion’s mane, cordyceps, goji berry, maitake, ashwagandha, raw cacao, cinnamon, rosehip, beetroot, inulin prebiotic, coconut milk powder.

Freedom is a targeted supplement … blended with professional expertise to reduce menopausal symptoms

The ingredients are specifically formulated to relieve the most common peri and menopause symptoms, including hot flushes, brain fog, anxiety, low libido, sleep issues, low mood, aches and pain, low energy, ageing skin, weight gain and loss of bone density.

“Freedom is a targeted supplement made from medicinal mushrooms, herbal adaptogens and functional foods carefully selected and blended with professional expertise to reduce menopausal symptoms,” says Adaptogenic Apothecary formulator Sara Rooney. “We have chosen adaptogens that work synergistically to restore endocrine balance, support the cardiovascular system and bone health, regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and support good sleep, improving energy and vitality.

“We all want to feel our best for as long as possible and enjoy life to the maximum in great health. Ultimately, ‘Freedom’ is a convenient and perfectly dosed daily adaptogenic powder crafted to optimise women’s health throughout the transition into menopause.”

The formulation is 100% natural, with no additives, caffeine or artificial flavourings, and can be added to drinks or sprinkled over food.