The Herbtender has launched with a collection of natural wellness supplements formulated with ancient herbs and adaptogens to support stress, sleep, fatigue and focus.

Formulated and trialled in the UK by medical herbalist, Schia Mitchell Sinclair, the supplements are designed to build natural resilience and offers seven combinations.

Rise & Shine is designed to be a morning mix, with a blend of Panex ginseng and reishi mushroom to provide an energizing routine, support energy levels, focus and immunity.

Calm & Collected combines ashwagandha and lion’s mane to help create a moment of perspective, calm and ground when feeling wired and needing to relax. Holy Basil is also included for its antioxidant properties and to promote vitality.

Doze & Dream is a tranquil adaptogenic blend to promote uninterrupted rest by helping the body relax. Ashwagandha joins forces with calming reishi, lavender and chamomile along with nutmeg and Passiflora to help with falling asleep and sustaining sleep for those who tend to wake in the night.

The offer is completed by Focus & Clarity, Daily Defence, Perform & Recover and Uplift & Revitalise.

“It could be said that we’re living in the age of anxiety, with ever growing stresses on our lives,” say founders Mark and Laura Neville. “At The Herbtender, our belief is in the timeless wisdom of plants that humans have relied upon for thousands of years. We understand that acting in harmony with nature is the only remedy that really works. Our mantra is bend, don’t break – a daily reminder that the reed that bends in the wind is stronger than the oak that breaks – in stressful times resilience is key, empowering us to adapt, rebalance and come back stronger every day.”