Patrick Holford focuses on plant-based diets with new supplement, book


Patrick Holford has expanded his range of nutritional supplements with Essentials4Vegans to provide the four nutrients most difficult to obtain through a vegan diet: vitamin B12, vitamin D, omega-3 DHA and the phospholipid choline.

Two Essentials4Vegans capsules a day provides these nutrients in optimal amounts, with 10µg vitamin B12, 25µg vitamin D3 (derived from lichen), 250mg omega-3 DHA and 200mg choline.

Together with Optimum Nutrition Formula, the new Vegan Society-certified supplement ‘comprehensively covers all nutrients required for optimal health’, supported by a wholefood diet.

“There are many health advantages of a plant-based, vegan diet, but there are four nutrients that any vegan is going to struggle to get enough of, let alone an optimal supply,” explains Holford. “DHA, the critical brain-building omega-3 fat, has to attach to choline, a phospholipid, a process that is B12 dependent, to build a healthy brain. We all, but especially vegans, struggle to get enough vitamin D. Vitamin D3 is more effective than D2, and the good news is that D3 can be derived from lichen.

“These four nutrients are an essential addition to a vegan diet for a sharp mind and robust mood. They are, of course, most critical for pregnant and breast-feeding women.”

Holford also has a new book coming out in December. Optimum Nutrition for Vegans is described as ‘an essential read for everyone who follows a plant-based diet and wants to make sure they maintain the best health possible’.

In the book Holford shows how to be healthy and optimally well while following a plant-based diet and provides 100 simple recipes to nourish body and brain. He explains how to get enough protein and brain fats, control sugar and energy, ensure sufficient vitamin and mineral levels and other small steps to maintain good overall health for vegans.