Trelonk Wellbeing has designed a four-strong pregnancy range to naturally support and nurture a mums-to-be throughout their journey.

The offer comprises two inhalation products along with two body oils to support the skin, all made with essential oils that are safe for use during pregnancy and Trelonk Wellbeing’s special bio-active plant compound.

Pregnancy Support Essential Oil Concentrate aims to soothe and comfort through each trimester with a synergy of neroli, pink grapefruit, stress-busting ylang ylang, grounding Indian sandalwood and citrusy petitgrain, with a base of Himalayan cedarwood. Rapid delivery of the concentrate is offered through inhalation or diffusion.

Soothe and Settle Essential Oil Concentrate helps settle the digestive system with a blend of carbon dioxide-extracted ginger, steam-distilled green mandarin, pink grapefruit and cardamom. The concentrate can be used through inhalation or diffusion.

Knowing which oils are safe and at what percentage to use in the blends are a vital professional prerequisite

Trelonk Wellbeing’s Pregnancy Support Massage Oil has been formulated with neroli, pink grapefruit, ylang ylang, sandalwood, petitgrain and Himalayan cedarwood along with a subtly created carrier base to create an aromatic yet subtle fragrance that won’t overwhelm a sensitive nose.

Stretch Mark Control Oil is a synergy of vegetable carrier oils to help support, nourish and tone the skin through pregnancy. The oil has been formulated to support and tone the skin during the many changes of pregnancy and features healing rosehip, soothing jojoba, skin-friendly sunflower, borage for healthy skin and hydrating meadowfoam.

“There is a lot of fear surrounding the use of essential oils during pregnancy and there is no need for it,” says Kim Lahiri, the brand’s formulator. “In a qualified therapist’s hands or using a brand that has not only formulated safe blends for pregnancy but have had to go through rigorous compliance procedures, essential oils can be powerfully supportive for pregnant women.

“Knowing which oils are safe and at what percentage to use in the blends are a vital professional prerequisite for offering pregnant women a totally safe option to support and nurture them through their pregnancy trimesters. Trelonk Wellbeing have risen to the challenge and have launched a range that is not only compliant but is safe to use and enjoy throughout the journey.”