Open your eyes to new innovations from Awake Organics


Awake Organics has added a raft of new SKUs to its family of 100% natural, sustainably made, vegan and cruelty-free hair and skincare products.

Dry Patches Soothing Intensive Balm provides intensive care for skin in a water-free rich and creamy formula that soothes and restores dry skin patches from head to toe. Very dry skin is nourished with organic plant-based ingredients including ceramides, organic frankincense resin oil, organic shea butter, stearic acid and organic coconut oil. Dry Patches is suitable for people who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis and have dry, cracked and sensitive skin.

Multipurpose Daily Hair & Body Tri-Serum is designed to replace three other commonly used products: body moisturizer, deep conditioning hair treatment and anti-frizz serum. Scented with rose geranium and sweet orange, the nourishing, smoothing serum works for all skin and hair types and includes cold-pressed argan oil and organic castor oil.

Awake Organics’ Scalp Scrub duo is formulated to revitalize haircare routines. Used pre-shampoo twice a week, the vibrant fuchsia scrubs invigorate roots, exfoliate and prep the scalp for optimal hair growth. Stimulating Root Care and Scalp Clarifier are non-foaming treatments that saturate hair strands with natural ingredients to support hair growth and repair, including hibiscus flowers/leaves along with peppermint, organic coconut and organic castor seed oils.

Hands & Feet Nourishing Butter Balm blends ceramides, organic shea butter, organic peppermint oil, organic coconut oil to nourish rough/dry areas, hydrate and leave skin feeling silky soft. It also makes a great temple balm and muscle rub to soothe headaches and massage away tension.

Finally, the brand’s new Juicy Buff Body Scrub is a combination or organic sweet orange, organic coconut, organic and Fairtrade shea and Himalayan pink salt and has been designed as a plastic-free body scrub to leave skin feeling smooth and pampered.