Body Proud goes live with #noBODYlikeyou campaign 


With studies showing that 78% of Gen Z feel pressured to get ‘summer body ready’ and 26% saying they’re made to feel anxious about the way their bodies ‘should’ look, Body Proud has launched the #noBODYlikeyou campaign.

The initiative aims to inspire Gen Zs to feel good about the skin they are in – stressing that ‘everybody is a summer body’ – and champion positivity and self-love. It highlights the fact that everyone is different and has something special to offer, and celebrates that ‘there is noBODYlikeyou’.

“With summer in full swing, there are added pressures that are being showcased across social media platforms to portray perfect and often unrealistic body images,” explains Nora Zukauskaite, global marketing director at Body Proud. “At I Am Proud, we are championing the healthy-looking skin you are in without the toxicity. We are once again rebelling and inviting our community to take over the hashtag and covert it to message that uplift and empower us.

we are championing the healthy-looking skin you are in without the toxicity

“We are proud to be raising awareness and championing positivity to uplift and support Gen Zs and our community, by celebrating #noBODYlikeyou and promoting positivity to create a positive conversation.”

Body Proud aims to take over the hashtag #summerbodyready, which has over 12 million views, and create a social movement to flood TikTok with #noBODYlikeyou messaging, led by positive affirmation TikTok creator, Alethea Francis Crimmin (pictured below).

The brand is encouraging its community to feel inspired by Crimmin and upload their own TikTok video championing the power of positivity and sharing stories around their own unique qualities.

“I think social media is becoming a more positive platform at representing body positivity, the power of body positivity is powerful to see people loving the skin they are in and love themselves as they are,” says Crimmin.

Body Proud is also partnering with Body Positive Alliance, a student-led non-profit which advocates for equality of all bodies regardless of physical ability, size, gender, race or appearance.

“We are excited to partner with Body Proud on the #noBODYlikeyou campaign to champion body positivity and deconstruct unrealistic beauty standards,” says Cate Navarrete, Body Positive Alliance founder. “Body Proud aligns with our organization’s advocacy for acceptance, representation and fair treatment for all bodies.”