Conscious House extends beauty line

Conscious House
Conscious House

Natural skincare and toiletries brand Conscious House London has added to its range with Fresh-Faced Cleansing Milk and Reusable Make Up Wipes.

Conscious House London describes its new all-natural gentle cleansing milk as having a soft, milky texture and a formula rich in high quality plant extracts to give skin a lasting healthy glow.

Ingredients include antioxidant aloe vera with enzymes and vitamins to cleanse, revitalise and calm skin; highly moisturising avocado oil which contains fatty acids to build healthy cell membranes for a plump complexion; and fresh cucumber extract – a ‘skin superfood’ – containing lipids and proteins.

Ylang ylang and rose geranium essential oils are also incorporated along with vitamin C to help keep skin bouncy and rejuvenated as well as having astringent properties to help keep skin tight and prevent wrinkling.

The new cleansing milk comes in a glass bottle with aluminium lid, both of which can be recycled.

The new Reusable Make Up Wipes are designed to be soft and gentle for the skin. Made with organic cotton and 100% biodegradable, they are double-sided with a soft sweet pea gauze on one side and a fluffy towelling on the other. Each pack contains five wipes which can be washed up to 40° in the washing machine.