Formulated as the ‘perfect blend for thirsty, dull skin’, Collagen Boost Vitamin C Serum is the latest addition to Green People’s signature Age Defy+ by Cha Vøhtz skincare range.

The brand says the 89% organic serum combines three of the ‘most potent and popular’ age-positive actives – vitamin C, bakuchi oil and hyaluronic acid – into a synergized, long-lasting and lightweight serum that sinks deep into the skin to plump, even and brighten the complexion.

Slow-release vitamin C, derived from ascorbyl glucoside – a high-pH, stable form of the vitamin – gives a daily dose to synthesize collagen and even skin tone, reduce wrinkles and roughness and prevent unwanted skin pigmentation; hyaluronic acid provides plumping hydration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; and bakuchi oil brings anti-ageing antioxidant support and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to calm, balance and protect against free radical damage.

My skin-vitality serum simplifies giving
skin a daily dose of the age defence
actives it needs

The serum is perfumed with a blend of five floral-scented essential oils to impart a soothing, spa-like scent as well as boosting skin health: neroli promotes collagen production; mandarin helps improve circulation and encourages cell regeneration; lavender soothes inflammation; geranium provides antioxidant support; and palmarosa helps balance the skin.

“Vitamin C is vital for collagen synthesis and because it also regulates the sebaceous glands, it plays a pivotal part in preventing dryness, wrinkles and spider veins,” comments Green People founder Charlotte Vøhtz. “Wrinkles appear more pronounced when the skin is dry and by combining vitamin C with hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich bakuchi oil, my skin-vitality serum simplifies giving skin a daily dose of the age defence actives it needs to stay firm, bright, even and hydrated.”

To celebrate the launch, Green People has created the Infinity Beauty gift care set which contains a full-sized 30ml Collagen Boost Vitamin C Serum, a 5ml sample of Age Defy+ by Cha Vøhtz Cell Enrich Facial Oil and a sachet sample of Age Defy+ by Cha Vøhtz Hydra-Glow Sleep Mask.