Meet the Who’s Who in Natural Beauty: the movers and shakers who are shaping the natural beauty sector in 2022.

There are the CEOs who work late nights and early mornings to make their natural dreams a reality; the experts who can magic up ethical potions that consumers covet; and, of course, the champions who tirelessly share the industry’s successes and push for more positive visibility for organic across the world.

They’re all amazing – and were voted for by you. Thank you for your passion and enthusiasm in helping us compile this master list. We hope you agree that it’s packed full of talent. That’s important because the natural beauty sector will need to draw on all its knowledge, experience and drive to tackle what comes next. With inflation rising and recession imminent it’s time for the sector to, once again, put on its game face and fight for a greener world.

But that’s for another time. Right now, let’s celebrate these incredible professionals and wish them well for a sparkling future.

The Who’s Who in Natural Beauty 2022:

  1. THE WELEDA WONDER: Jayn Sterland, managing director, Weleda
  2. THE FORMULATION FAVOURITE: Lorraine Dallmeier, CEO, Formula Botanica
  3. THE WINNING COMBINATION: Alex and Kim Barani, co-founders, Kinetic Natural Products Distributor
  4. THE TRANSPARENT TALENT: Dr Mark Smith, director general, NATRUE
  5. THE KITCHEN CO-FOUNDERS: Jo and Stuart Chidley, co-founders, Beauty Kitchen
  6. THE PARLIAMENTARY PETITIONER: Anabel Kindersley, co-owner, Neal’s Yard
  7. MAKING BRITISH BEAUTY GREAT: Millie Kendall OBE, CEO, British Beauty Council
  8. THE REFILL REVOLUTIONARY: Anna Brightman, co-founder, UpCircle Beauty
  9. THE RETAILERS’ RETAILER: Joanne Hill, founder and director, Amaranth
  10. THE ‘LIFE’ COACH: Amanda Winwood, founder, Made for Life Organics
  11. THE BRAND BOOSTER: Ailish Lucas, founder, The Glow Getter
  12. THE QUEEN OF GREEN: Charlotte Vøhtz, founder, Green People
  13. THE TRUE PLAYER: Emma Thornton, founder, TRUE Skincare
  14. THE GREEN RETAIL GURU: Vic Wood, founder, Greener Beauty
  15. ON THE SHORTLIST FOR SUCCESS: Fiona Klonarides, founder, The Beauty Shortlist
  16. THE MUA WITH MORE: Sjaniël Turrell, holistic make-up artist and beauty writer
  17. THE ACE OF FAACE: Jasmine Wicks-Stephens, founder, Faace and Known Community
  18. THE REBEL WITH A CAUSE: Tabitha James Kraan, founder, TJK
  19. THE SENSITIVE ENTREPRENEUR: James Jardella, founder and CEO, Skin Sapiens
  20. THE NATURAL COMMUNICATOR: Helen Yeardsley, comms consultant, Y Consultancy
  21. THE BIG BELIEVER: Joanna Silva, founder, Elan Skincare
  22. THE TALENT TEACHERS: Gail and Gareth Després, co-founders, School of Natural Skincare
  23. THE ETHICAL INNOVATOR: Paula Ortega, founder, Whitfords
  24. THE ORGANIC GENIUS: Georgia Barnes, head of business development, Soil Association
  25. THE GREEN GENIUS: Julia Vearncombe, co-founder, Skin:Genius
  26. THE RISING STAR: Paige Tracey, business development and marketing officer (beauty & wellbeing), Soil Association