Natural Products News shines a spotlight on a handful of the latest launches, campaigns, award wins and more from natural and organic brands and businesses.


With Nordic natural and organic ingredients forming the basis of its unique flavours, Norwegian craft spirit brand Bareksten Spirits has launched into the UK with a range comprising Botanical Gin, Navy Strength Gin, Old Tom Gin, Double Gin, Illsint Absint and Botanical Aquavit. Distilled at Osscraft Distillery in Bergen, indigenous herbs, wild berries and pure Norwegian water are at the heart of Bareksten Botanical Gin which is made with 26 botanicals. The spirits are potato-based, making for a smooth mouthfeel, says the brand. “The UK is a nation of gin lovers and has one of the most vibrant gin markets in the world,” says founder Stig Bareksten. “We know that it’s a mature market with consumers opting for super premium brands that deliver on taste and that’s exactly what Bareksten offers: peerless, world-class ingredient quality and exceptional flavour.”

Vegan food brand Oumph! has introduced two fiery new flavours – Korean BBQ and Tandoori Chunks – ideal for quick dinners, tasty lunches or as a protein-packed snack that is low in saturated fat.  Marinated in a mix of seasonings, the soya-based chunks are covered in a carefully curated combination of spices. Great for wraps, curries, bao buns and noodle dishes, they are ready in just three to four minutes and are available in the fridge aisles. “At Oumph! we’re on a mission to banish boring, so we create food that gives customers a plant-based slap in the face. Chilled in style but not in nature, our Tandoori and Korean BBQ Chunks kill boring – they’re here to provide a spicy kick that leaves your tastebuds wanting more,” says Anders ‘Ankan’ Linden, Oumph! co-founder.

The Jojoba Company has launched its Ultimate Serum onto the UK market. The serum uses HumaColl21, an innovative vegan collagen derived from plant sugar that the brand says has outperformed retinol, vitamin C and marine collagen​in clinical trials. A virtually colourless and odourless solution, HumaColl21 is the first biodesigned vegan human identical collagen for skincare, says the brand, and is demonstrated to deliver collagen-, elastin-, laminin- and fibronectin-boosting effects and stimulate collagen 21. The serum is clinically proven to decrease frown and fine lines, crow’s feet, skin sagging, deep wrinkles and  roughness. Incorporating the brand’s wadi-wadi jojoba, the serum is designed to prevent further signs of ageing, increase firmness and boost luminosity and elasticity.​​ It also features the naturally derived peptide Ameliox for a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles​ and two weights of hyaluronic acid for deep skin hydration and plumpness.

Sports and active nutrition brand Bulk has launched You vs. You, a new campaign to encourage fitness professionals and amateurs to stop their pursuit for perfection, and start embracing individuality. Billie Bradberry, CMO & Board Exec at Bulk comments “It’s no secret that January is considered the time of year to up our fitness and start realizing our goals. However, for the same reason, it’s also an extremely overwhelming and pressurising time – and not only do we risk failure by putting too much emphasis on perfection, we risk damaging our mental health. At Bulk, we recognize that as a brand, we’re able to influence behaviours and perceptions. We have an opportunity to disrupt the pressure that comes from social media by creating a narrative that is valuable, safe and helpful – this is why we have created ‘You vs You’.”

Cytoplan’s Beauty Bundle is a new combination of nutrients to help nourish healthy skin, hair and nails from within. Combining three premium products, the Beauty Bundle includes a multi-nutrient, an antioxidant and a collagen supplement. Cytoprotect Hair, Skin & Nails provides a synergistic multinutrient and antioxidant complex featuring cocoa extract, maritime bark extract, bilberry extract, beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, 1-3, 1-6 beta glucan and astaxanthin along with biotin, pantothenic acid, vitamin C, silica, zinc, copper, iodine, selenium and MSM. Also included within the bundle is a Vitamin C formula delivering 1,000mg of vitamin C per capsule and a 50mg boost of bioflavonoids. To complete the bundle, users can choose between Cytoplan’s Marine Collagen or its new Vegan Collagen formula to provide structural support to connective tissue, help improve skin moisture levels and reduce inflammation and fine lines.