Natural Products News shines a spotlight on a handful of the latest launches, campaigns, award wins and more from natural and organic brands and businesses

Chilli No. 5’s new Make Your Own Hot Sauces Collection enables customers to choose their own unique combination of five mini (15ml) hot sauces from its range without having to commit to full 200ml bottles. The brand has also created several combinations of mini gift sets to suit different cuisines and heat preferences, including The Asian Collection, Best for BBQ, Best for Breakfast, Best for Burgers, Best for Cheese, Chef’s Top Picks for Vegans, Hot Ones and Mild Ones. “At Chilli No. 5 we are passionate about creating delicious and healthy chilli sauces,” says founder and CEO Rumble Romagnoli. “Our new range of mini hot sauce gift sets is sure to excite chilli lovers around the world with unique flavour profiles and added health benefits. We will not cut corners on sustainability, and everything will be in glass containers with no chemicals or preservatives anywhere near.”

Rude Health had introduced two new SKUs: Organic No Sugars Oat and Organic No Sugar Almond. The No Sugar Oat drink has been created by tweaking the production process, so the oats don’t release any sugar and is made with four natural ingredients, including 10% gluten-free oats. No Sugars Almond benefits from the natural sweetness of almonds and blends organic Italian almonds, spring water and a little carob seed flour. Rude Health founder Camilla Barnard says: “I am even more excited than usual about our No Sugars range innovation. Health is very close to my heart … and creating a flavourful milk with absolutely no sugar helps to further our goal of making healthy eating a celebration not a sacrifice … the challenge of making a delicious creamy milk out of them without getting any of the sugars from them is something I’m very proud of.”

New from British independent skincare and supplements brand ZENii London comes a high-strength collagen designed specifically for men, ProCollagen Max. The supplement, created and formulated by a doctor, has been clinically proven to not only target fine lines and skin ageing, but also build lean muscle, heal joints, tendon and muscles and alleviate joint pain. It is also designed to aid strength and resistance training, support hair growth and improve digestion and gut health and help with joint flexibility and motion range. ProCollagen Max contains 10,000mg per serving of type 1 and 3 hydrolyzed marine collagen alongside vitamin C, minerals, hyaluronic acid for joint lubrication, aloe vera powder to boost metabolism and digestion and green tea powder for faster exercise recovery. ProCollagen Max is available in a 500ml berry flavour sugar free liquid format.

Introducing the newest H!P bar on the block: Crunchy Orange. Launched in response to consumer demand, next-generation oat m!lk chocolate brand H!P (Happiness !n Plants) has blended the classic combination of chocolate and orange in a bar it says ticks all the boxes –smooth, creamy oat m!lk chocolate, zesty orange and crunchy waffle cone pieces. The bar is sustainably produced with striking plastic-free packaging. H!P’s offers creamy oat-based alternative to milk chocolate is handmade with sustainably sourced single origin Colombian cocoa and creamy oat m!lk. Commenting on the launch, brand founder James Cadbury says: “Nothing beats the iconic combination of chocolate and orange. Orange oat m!lk chocolate has been one of the most demanded flavours from H!P customers for months, proving that this timeless classic remains massively appealing to a younger adult audience. We can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of it.”Free-from food brand CRAVE has announced the launch of its latest free-from nutty products: Big Dipper and Notella. Notella is described as a delicious, smooth choc hazelnut spread while Big Dipper is a snacking pot featuring mini breadsticks with a smooth choc, hazelnut dip. Made with hazelnuts and dairy-free chocolate, with a smooth and rich texture that melts in your mouth, these two new products from CRAVE are 100% vegan, free from egg, milk, gluten ‘and any other nasties that could spoil your fun’. Brand founder Rob Brice comments: “We’ve gone nuts and created two delicious and indulgent products that you can enjoy as part of a gluten-free or vegan diet. Notella is the perfect tasty staple for your cupboard for toast or pancakes, Big Dipper is perfect for a touch of naughtiness to their day.”