Clearspring introduces flavour of umami

Clearspring has added two new products – Organic Japanese Umami Paste in Chilli and Ginger varieties – to its offer of authentic Japanese ingredients, designed to give cooking the wow factor. ‘Umami’ describes the unusual combination of the flavours of the paste and the effect it has on the flavours of a dish. In Japanese, […]

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Cocofina Vinegar-Natural-Chilli-Nutmeg-Amino

Coconut condiments? Cocofina cracks it

Cocofina has added three new coconut vinegars and a coconut amino soya sauce alternative to its range of products. The three tangy organic vinegars – Coconut Vinegar Chilli (spicy), Coconut Vinegar Natural (mild) and Coconut Vinegar Nutmeg (warm) – can be used to top salads and as a replacement for traditional vinegars. They are made […]

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Sidekick turns up the heat

London-based start-up Sidekick has launched a collection of natural hot sauces created to cover the full range of the Kick-o-meter to suit all tastes. The spicy sauces will be rolled out in stages, with the first core range comprising Mellow Pepper (Not So) Hot Sauce, providing a warm heat and a smooth finish; Original Zingy […]

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Avoid the burn with Chilliburner

Chilliburner, a new food supplement harnessing the benefits of chillies but without the burn, has launched onto the UK market. Numerous studies have shown that the capsaicinoids in chillies may help contribute to weight reduction by increasing energy expenditure, stimulating carbohydrate and fat oxidation and helping maintain healthy lipid profile. Chilliburner contains a highly concentrated […]

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