Following the launch of its Ivy’s Reserve Vintage Cheddar last year, Somerset’s Wyke Farms has announced another UK carbon neutral first in the shape of its new Ivy’s Reserve Salted Farmhouse Butter.

The family-run company has partnered with the Carbon Trust to undertake a cradle-to-grave footprint analysis and have certified the footprint of the new butter as carbon neutral in accordance with PAS 2060.

Ivy’s Reserve Salted Farmhouse Butter is produced at Wyke Farms’ new energy- and water-efficient facility which is powered by home-produced renewable electricity and gas. The investment in the facility was undertaken to build a sustainable long-term future and sufficient infrastructure for driving increased sales in both the UK and export markets as part of the company’s five-year growth plan.

“Increasingly, people across the world are looking for premium dairy products with provenance and history – butter is no exception and Ivy’s Reserve Salted Farmhouse Butter is a best-in-class product in terms of quality and sustainability, and it articulates our unique set of values that fit with this trend,” explains Rich Clothier, Wyke Farms MD. “We continue to make changes at Industry level as we push for more net positive improvements.”