Alara counts down to Christmas


Alara is highlighting its cereal range for the Christmas period by hosting an online Advent Calendar Giveaway in December.

Consumers will have the chance to win a different Alara cereal each day from 1-24 December.

“We believe a taste test is worth 1,000 words and so are keen for consumers to trial the product, in hope that they will then spread Alara’s following through word of mouth,” said Anne Rees, marketing and PR executive at Alara.

The products available to win cater for gluten-free, organic, fair trade, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free and wheat-free diets and include Alara’s Scottish Oats Granola (made from the only kiln-dried oats in the world), Very Berry Organic Muesli, Chocolate Dreamy Oats, and Gluten Free Organic Delight Muesli.

The brand will be utilizing its social media platforms to spread the word through Twitter (@alaracereals) and Instagram (@alara.cereals).