Attack of the greens

Tonic Attack’s Wheatgrass Juice and Broccoli Sprout Juice sachets aim to boost health and vitality by providing high quality nutrition and live enzymes.

The wheatgrass used by Tonic Attack is grown hydroponically using a concentrated mineral solution derived from the oceans, the Ocean Solution, which, the company says, provides a more complete mineral spectrum.

The broccoli sprouts are juiced when very young, at about four to five days old – their most vitality rich stage of growth – in order to provider a higher concentration of key nutrients.

The non-pasteurized, non-adulterated natural juices have an eight-week shelf life and are ambient, requiring no refrigeration.

Great for on-the-go – just shake, open and drink – the handy 33ml sachets are now available in tins or boxes of 7, 14 and 28.

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