BetterYou has launched a Plastic Petition to demand the Government adopt a unified approach to waste plastic collection and recycling to repair the UK’s environmental impact.

The brand stresses that household plastic consumption has risen during the current coronavirus crisis, but the UK still has no coherent recycling policy. Less than half of all recyclable household plastic waste in the UK is actually recycled, with up to 80% of material collected for recycling being sent abroad, to landfill or burned.

“There is no synergy, no clarity and certainly no universal performance standard to be measured by within the UK’s current recycling policy,” comments BetterYou founder and MD, Andrew Thomas. “Many of us diligently separate our waste plastics, yet this very waste may still be contributing to an environmental disaster on a scale never before seen.

“I believe that the incomprehensible and poorly communicated ways in which recycling is collected across the UK has unsurprisingly reduced the public’s compliance to plastic recycling – if you make a process confusing enough, people will eventually stop doing it.

“Our Government is not acting decisively enough to ensure more of our waste plastic is collected and recycled, so we must insist that local and national government work together towards a more effective and self-sustaining plastic recycling programme to reduce and start to repair our environmental impact.

“That’s why our newly launched Plastic Petition is so important. The petition demands a single and universally adopted recycling programme which every local authority should sign-up to. A programme which is standardised, independently monitored, and publicly reviewed annually. It proposes that all local authorities are governed, monitored, and reviewed equally, upholding an agreed best practice programme for collection and recycling.”

In a release, the brand says: “BetterYou invites the British public to join its endeavour to build a better planet. By standing for change and signing the petition, the brand believes that we can reclaim the ownership of our plastic waste.”

You can sign BetterYou’s Plastic Petition here.