World Foods Brand Management

Demand from consumers for Covid-19 related is set to continue during the winter months which has resulted in many stores wanting to offer existing and new customers products locally while ensuring their staff have adequate supplies of protective equipment to maintain the government guidelines.

Through our wide-ranging supply base WFBM have secured a wide range of products which can be offered for sale or store use, ensuring sensible prices are available to Health stores and their customers.

CE marked Type 11R reusable masks

The importance of masks is to protect, and our washable masks provide a high level of certified protection over 20 washes while reducing landfill waste. Available in 5 designs, the Italian made masks are both comfortable and medically certified.

Face shields

There are a wide range of face shields available today, but many include foam which doesn’t allow reuse. We think our glasses design offers versatility and comfort and can be used while wearing glasses. In addition, the screens can be removed and cleaned avoiding unnecessary waste.

Non-contact Thermometer

Providing a quick and accurate reading these non-contact thermometers allow you to regularly check your own and staff temperatures ensuring any potential rise is identified early. The units are also priced competitively providing a local supply for customers.