Bio-Health launches new female-friendly THR lines

Bio-Health has launched new THR-registered herbal products aimed at soothing the health issues facing many women.

The range includes Periagna, Salvian, Valdrian and Good Night that aid conditions like PMT, the menopause, anxiety and sleeplessness respectively.

“The THR regulations are crucially important in bringing assurances to the customers and that is why we have spent so much on ensuring that we have a safe and sound product range,” says company director June Crisp.

“When people buy traditional medicines they have the right to know the product they receive is exactly what the manufacturers say it is and that it is safe.  Four of the products in our range Periagna, Salvian, Valdrian and Good Night are particularly suitable for women who would prefer a herbal remedy to deal with their health problems and we produced this range to meet their needs.”