Mooncup mops up with themed beer mats

Mooncup is taking its message straight to the pub this summer with the release of some themed beer mats.

The brand admits that the beer mats, which feature images from their Tampon v Mooncup rap battle, are an “unusual” media choice for wooing female consumers.

However, they’re sure that the promotion will provoke conversation and “finally crack open the outdated taboo” around menstruation.

“The rap battle’s already proved strong in encouraging women to find out more about the Mooncup from our site : beermats felt like a playful way to extend its reach offline too,” says Mooncup director Su Hardy.

“It’s about time that periods and the Mooncup were well and truly on the table!”

Mooncup’s previous campaign created equal controversy two years ago by releasing the ‘Love Your Vagina’ song which featured 25 different names that women use for their vaginas. Over 14,000 different names were crowd-sourced on