Coldpress compresses full flavour into new stubbies

Following the recent launch of its new-look packaging to maximize shelf appeal, Coldpress has now introduced hexagonal stubbies.

Designed to take the pick of its juice and veggie offerings into the on-the-hoof sector, the 250ml stubbies have a six-month shelf life.

The fruity varieties are Valencian Orange, Pink Lady, Golden Delicious, Apple & Peach, Apple & Lemon and Apple & Passion Fruit, and the company’s three new veggie juices – Juicy Roots, Mean Greens and Pumpkin Power – also come in the new format.

“At Coldpress we’ve adopted an unambiguous ‘less is more’ mantra,” explains Coldpress spokesperson Ian Hills, “which is why one 150ml portion of our Valencian Orange is sufficient to fulfil 90% of your daily vitamin C needs (versus 250ml or 364ml of our esteemed, mainstream rivals). In other words, Coldpress ensures that less calories, sugar or even juice need to be quaffed in the pursuit of one’s daily vitamin C needs.”

Coldpress describes itself as a vocal champion for premium fruit and veggie juices and a dissenting voice against what it calls the ‘ill-informed anti juice lobby’, pointing out that juice contributes to five-a-day intake, providing vitamin C, potassium and other beneficial nutrients such as foliate and thiamine.