Fish4Ever calls on retailers to support its fundraising

Pioneering sustainable canned fish company Fish4Ever has announced it will raising money for the Marine Conservation Society Protected Areas Campaign during the week of World Oceans Day.

The company, which has one of the widest ranges of sustainable canned fish in the UK and is committed to ethical and environmental issues as well as sustainability, is going to donate 10% of its sales value for all Fish4Ever products sold in the week June 6th – 12th 2011.

Fish4Ever Founder Charles Redfern said: “We are sending out free posters in Natural Products and have posted stories on our web page, Facebook and Twitter we really hope that this will mean we raise as much money as possible for an important cause.”

He added: “The relevance of protected areas cannot be underestimated and the work that the MCS is doing to encourage their development deserves all the encouragement we can give.

“As a company we want to ensure that fish and the seas are safe for the future and one way to do this is to have protected areas. The other is to ensure that all the fish we eat come from sustainable sources and that the communities that provide the fish are also protected. Fish4Ever does this by only sourcing fish from places where supplies are plentiful, using methods which don’t damage the environment or cause by-catch and by supporting the fishermen and canneries who are doing a good job.”