Roqberry is a new British brand offering what it calls a creative collection of hand-blended fusions and single-source variety teas.

The initial tea range kicks off with nine tea blends, six infusions and two speciality tea ‘legends’, with new flavours to be unveiled throughout 2018.

Big flavour cuisine is the inspiration for each of the nine tea blends, says the brand, and the offer includes Sushi & Spice, described as Tokyo in a teacup, having a moreish blend of savoury and spiky aromatic flavours, and The Big Smoke – a ‘sophisticated black tea with a malty swagger’.

Also available are Masala Chai, Raspberry Fondant, Bloom Box and the rooibos-based S’mores – inspired by the American campfire classic of melting chocolate and marshmallow, wrapped in a sweet and smoky biscuit.

The Roqberry teas are ethically sourced, come in biodegradable silky teabags and are produced from natural tea leaves, herbs, spices, fruits and flowers. The teas can be served hot, chilled or in a mocktail.


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