Higher Nature expands lifestage nutrition offer

Higher Nature has launched a range of three products specifically developed to offer nutritional support for young adults aged 13 and up.

Multi Vit Shots are tongue-tingling shots of natural cherry cola flavour multivitamins in funky tear strips designed to tip straight onto the tongue to delivery 19 multivitamins and minerals combined for the requirements of this lifestage.

Concentration Support is a tangy lemon and lime flavoured effervescent drink for periods of stress or when concentration and focus is essential, for example during exams or revision. Caffeine-free, the supplement contains ingredients including B vitamins, theanine and gingko biloba.

The last of the new range is Skin Support which provides nourishment for skin at a time when spots can be at their most prevalent, offering a formula combining vitamins and minerals with soothing extracts to support clear and healthy skin.

“We are hugely proud of our new pioneering range formulated specifically for teens and young adults, with highly desirable unique delivery formats, for on-the-go convenience to suit their increasingly hectic lifestyles,” said Kristina Everest, trade marketing manager, commenting on the launch.