Holland & Barrett helps out with some monkey business for six-year old Harry

Pics by Samantha Cook Photography, 23July 2015. Donation of Holland and Barrett products for Monkey World, prompted by Harry Walton (6) who wrote a letter to them, asking for their help. Featured in photos: Harry Walton (6), Mum and Dad: Lucy and Rick, and Harry's sister Amelie (2). Staff from Monkey World: Jeremy Keeling-Animal Director, Cara Buckley-Head of Primate Care, and Sarah Lambert-Press Officer.

A heart-warming letter written by a Kent schoolboy has resulted in a very special delivery for the primates at the Monkey World sanctuary in Wareham, Dorset.

Huge monkey fan, six year old Harry Walton from Ashford,  gave up his birthday money to buy much needed monkey food items for the sanctuary’s ‘shoebox appeal’.

But his gesture went even further with little Harry writing a heart-melting letter to health food chain Holland and Barrett asking if they would also donate some healthy treats to Monkey World too.

Harry’s letter made it right to the top of Holland and Barrett Europe with the CEO, Peter Aldis, writing back to Harry personally promising to help the monkeys out.

That promise materialised with a special delivery of over 1,000 items needed by Monkey World’s feeding team – including nuts, cereals and special dietary food supplements that the primates require such as Evening Primrose Oil, vitamin C and Milk Thistle tablets.

As a special school holiday treat, Harry’s parents Lucy and Rick, along with his little sister Amelie (aged two) were invited to come along to Monkey World today (Thurs 23 July) as VIP guests to see the delivery of over £3,000 worth of monkey treats and health products arrive.

Harry, (a pupil at John Wesley School), also got to meet ‘Rodders’ – a monkey adopted for Harry as a Christmas whom he has longed to meet in real life.

Harry said: “I am so happy for the monkeys – they can now eats lots of tasty treats and keep really healthy. This has been the best day ever. I even got to meet my monkey Rodders which was fantastic.”

To support Monkey World and their appeal for donations go to: http://www.monkeyworld.org/shoe-box-appeal

As well as fresh fruits and vegetables, the monkeys require a range of special dietary supplements: Vitamins & Supplements – including Evening primrose oil and milk thistle capsules. Vitamin C tablets (LOW DOSE 60mg). Glucosamine & Chondroitin combination capsules.