Intelligent hair care

Intelligent Nutrients has launched a range of PurePlenty hair products which aim to encourage thicker, fuller and healthier hair.

The three products – Exfoliating Shampoo, Density Building Conditioner and Revitalizing Scalp Serum – contain ingredients such as pea sprout bioactives to increase hair density; organic nettle to clear the scalp and improve hair shine; and organic saw palmetto fruit extract which is known to help block the formation of DHT, a testosterone derivative that shrinks scalp follicles.

Also included is organic Intellimune Super Seed Oil & Meal Complex – a blend of antioxidant seeds oils such as black cumin, pumpkin and cranberry to protect cellular activity and help fight free radicals – and organic Active Aromatic Oils including mandarin, geranium, bergamot, patchouli and jasmine to provide antifungal, antibacterial and cooling benefits for the hair and scalp.