Lab study results overtake organic credentials for NZ beauty brand

New Zealand based brand Antipodes is a rising star on the natural and organic beauty scene.

Launched in the UK last year the premium skincare range is based around especially bioactive New Zealand plant extracts and top quality avocado oil.

Many of the products in the range are certified organic, confirming the company’s commitment to purity and traceability of ingredients.

The products also undergo extensive independent laboratory testing. And  it’s these trial results – demonstrating the impressive efficacy of the products – that has now overtaken ‘organic’ as the key purchasing influencer, according to the brand’s founder Elizabeth Barbalich (pictured).

Speaking to Natural Products at last month’s Natural & Organic Products Europe, Barbalich said: “This has been quite surprise to us. Our customers definitely want the reassurance of organic and natural. But it seems that their single biggest concern is that the products work – and the science we have to back up the Antipodes range is really impressive in that respect.”