Nature’s Path revamps website

Gluten-free breakfast cereal provider Nature’s Path has unveiled its revamped website, complete with a vibrant new look, blogs, newsletters and competitions.

The website aims to demystify coeliac disease and reassure those suffering from the condition that ‘free-from’ needn’t mean ‘taste-free’. It also seeks to take the ‘free-from’ debate to a wider audience and encourage those who are looking for a healthier lifestyle to consider reducing their gluten intake.

The new site also offers social media feeds, light-hearted banter and discussion topics.

Ian Hill, spokesperson for Nature’s Path, commented: “Unlike some other gluten-free product providers who adopt a ‘one size fits all’ mentality when it comes to talking to their various audiences around the world, our family business outlook means we strive to understand and respond to individual market needs and concerns, which is why everything from our products, packaging and now our website adopts a rich local voice.”