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‘Fast bread’ linked to surging rates of coeliac disease

The ‘real bread’ pioneer Andrew Whitley says that the rapid fermentation processes used in modern breadmaking could be responsible for surging rates of coeliac disease. Whitely, founder of the Village Bakery and author of a new book Do Sourdough, told The Times this week that beneficial lactic acid bacteria (LAB) released during traditional long fermentation […]

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Nature's Path

Nature’s Path revamps website

Gluten-free breakfast cereal provider Nature’s Path has unveiled its revamped website, complete with a vibrant new look, blogs, newsletters and competitions. The website aims to demystify coeliac disease and reassure those suffering from the condition that ‘free-from’ needn’t mean ‘taste-free’. It also seeks to take the ‘free-from’ debate to a wider audience and encourage those […]

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