The Niche Co brews up wellness teas

Niche 2

Newly launched health and wellness brand The Niche Company has made its debut with a range of wellness teas.

The offer comprises six teas, presented in modern and elegantly decorated tea tubes, which are ethically sourced with no hidden ingredients or flavourings, using only 100% natural herbs.

The Mind: Energise-Revitalise-Vitality blend is described as an indulgent infusion designed to naturally energize. It combines yerba mate, cocoa shells, cinnamon, lemongrass, lime leaves, gotu kola.

Body: Slender-Light-Trim incorporates Chinese ti guan yin oolong to boost metabolism and increase fat oxidation; ginger root and aniseed to aid digestion; along with hibiscus, apple, rosehip, cleavers, juniper berries and orange peel.

Skin: Hydrate-Luminate-Glow is a delicate white tea blend, which aims to promote healthy skin through the inclusion of botanicals including hibiscus, dandelion leaves, red clover, rose petals and elderberries.

Hair: Nourish-Stimulate-Nurture is a natural blend, which aims to stimulate hair growth from the inside; Cleanse: Purify-Digest-Clarify is designed to purify, restore and clarify; and Sleep: Calm-Soothe-Dream has been created to aid restful sleep.

Amanda Miles Ricketts created the brand after using various tea and herb blends to promote her own wellbeing. “Over time, I noticed a difference in my skin, my hair, and my general wellbeing,” she says. “I began to look deeper into the traditional medicinal uses of the herbs, and bought loose-leaf teas, which I used to make my own personal blends for a variety of ailments. My family began to drink my blends, and when I combined the tea with my passion for art and scent, Niche was born.”