Renew Life launches Cleanse Challenge, new products

Following research conducted by Renew Life which highlights the impact unhealthy habits are having on the nation’s health, the digestive care company has launched a How Toxic Are You? Questionnaire and Cleanse Challenge as well as two new cleansing products.

The research, carried out on 1,000 people in the UK, found that 58% failed to meet the RDA of fruit and veg in their diet, with 38% getting through the week on a diet of convenience foods. 46% claimed to regularly feel low in energy, with 32% experiencing unexplained headaches and 27% finding it difficult to lose weight.

“Headaches, low energy, irregular bowel movements and poor skin are all warning signs that our body is struggling to cope,” says leading nutritionist, Kim Pearson. “Our bodies are naturally designed to eliminate the toxins we consume from the food we eat, water we drink and our environment, but over time our body can begin to feel overwhelmed and we experience a toxic-overload.”

The online How Toxic Are You? Questionnaire aims to find out just how toxic your lifestyle is and then offers advice as to how to improve your exposure to toxins. Following this, the Cleanse Challenge sets out five challenges to kick-start a cleaner, healthier lifestyle, including ways to increase fibre, reduce processed foods and drink smarter.

To support the challenge, Renew Life has launched two cleansing programmes: First Cleanse, a 15-day all-natural herbal cleansing programme to stimulate the elimination of toxins, pollutants and free radicals suitable for the ‘first time’ cleanser; and CleanseSMART, a 30-day advanced programme recommended for those who have cleansed before or want a deeper, longer cleanse.