Sitting comfortably? Kallo wants to tell you a story

Natural food pioneer Kallo is aiming to ‘reinvent the rice cake’ with a rebrand that launches this autumn.

Developed by London-based agency Big Fish, the new packaging will feature hand-drawn illustrations inspired by Scandinavian folk art. Each pack will also have its own poem telling a story relating to the flavour and the artwork on the pack, along with serving suggestions that focus on “beautiful, bountiful” rice cake toppings for any occasion.

The first wave of rebranded rice cakes went into stores in mid-September, with flavours including Unsalted, Lightly Salted, Sesame Seed and the new sweet jumbo varieties in Blueberry & Vanilla and Caramel, which were first launched by Kallo in January 2013.

The rebrand is supported with PR, sampling and digital campaign.