Solgar Vitamins is set to launch a new prime time advertising campaign aimed at reaching over 3 million health-passionate women during October. Ads will appear in Good Housekeeping, Daily Mail, Irish Independent, Irish Times and the Sunday Post.

This targeted approach will encourage women to try a free week’s supply of VM-Prime For Women — the multivitamin for menopausal and post menopausal women — by texting “PRIME” to a unique SMS number which is free of charge.

“As we go through life’s key stages, our nutritional requirements change.” says Lesley Constable, sales & marketing manager. “But many consumers may not be aware of this, so we wanted to highlight this product and let women know that there is a multivitamin specifically tailored for their needs.”

The campaign is being back up by POS support for in-store and window display use.

Whilst advertising will be the key marketing channel this autumn, Solgar is also teaming up with the Women’s Institute for a full day’s lecture at the WI’s Denman College in Oxfordshire on Monday 31st October.  WI members will earn more about women’s health issues through lectures, cookery demonstrations and television presenter and nutritionist Lowri Turner (pictured) will offer advice on managing weight.

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