Suki returns to the UK with new strategy

US pure skincare brand Suki is re-launching into the UK with a new distributor, MYNC brands.

The first 100% pure skincare brand that proves its claims through clinical trials, Suki treatments involve cutting-edge, nature-derived cosmeceutical actives in their own unique propriety delivery systems – providing an extra level of bioavailability and function in unison with the body’s natural biological processes.

So what’s different for the brand this time around? Heather Welch-Smith, director of sales at Suki says it’s upping its distribution game and focusing on getting closer to key consumers – women seeking luxurious and safe premium skincare.

“As any company evolves you go through “growing pains,” she explains.

“We saw the need to re-evaluate how the UK differs from the US, and spend some time really getting to know our Suki fans across the pond.  We are ready to revolutionise the skin care industry over here now! And, this time we have the right team of partners for us to support our distribution goals of offering evolutionary skin care solutions for every woman in every stage of her life and for every skin type.”

For 2013 the brand plans to partner with on-line retailers, department stores and quality pharmacies in the UK and Ireland who can identify with Suki’s philosophy.

“We have introduced a number of sampling, trial and discovery opportunities which we are implementing with our key partners to make Suki products available to women so that they can see for themselves how Suki provides unique solutions for their specific skincare concerns,” continues Welch-Smith.

The brand will be re-launching with new products throughout the year, building a 40-strong collection of face, body and spa products.

“Most brands use artificial chemicals your body doesn’t recognise and can’t utilise,” says Welch-Smith.

“Studies show that your skin actually wants synthetic-free products and that it actually rejects synthetic chemicals and develops a tolerance to them, continually requiring a higher dose for the same benefit.

“Because your skin is amazingly perceptive to the chemistry of your environment and has a systematic awareness to real botanicals and minerals that has evolved over generations, we enable a healthful response to 100% pure ingredients, maintained on a cellular level – complimenting, stimulating and harmonising with your skin. “